Thursday, March 9, 2006


Mum gotted something in a very big box yesterday. But she just put it on the table. Come on mum, open the box. Sure I can play with it and lay on it but I want to get inside. That is where the mostest fun is. So until you do open it. I am just going to sit on top of it. Then you can't see the big noisy box with moving pictures on it.

So she finally opened it tonight, inside the box was another box. So bonus time. Two boxes to play with. I didn't care what actually came in the box, it obviously wasn't for me. But I had lots of fun going from one box to the other.

Mum needs to order more stuff by mail if I gets boxes to play in!

Thanks for all of the nice words on my tub hockey report. I reported what I remembered, which considering the niptini's and Bloody Mousies, wasn't much. So I don't remember the rest of the scores. But everyone hadded a good time.

Buzzerbee and Meep think I should be a sports reporter or announcers. WHAT, ME GETS A JOB! It would interfere with my napping and play times. That is what mum is for, to gets money to pay for things. Last night she talked with the sushi country and then very early this morning she was on the phone again with "Corporate". She hadded to take some training. Too early for my brain to work.

We have had lots of rain so the snow is going away. We even hadded tunderstorms last night. Mum says she can just see where the tulips and such are just starting to push up out of the ground.


  1. Sebastian and Yaffa loves boxes. LOVES.

  2. BOXES! Can I come visit and play in the boxes? I love boxes!

    You're right about the job, though, Derby. Poo on that. Takes up too much time. And who wants to talk to the sushi country. We just wanna eat the sushi fish, hold the rice. Mom says that's called sasheemee. Yum :)

  3. All of us love boxes too. My Momma gets LOTS of boxes from some funny place called eeebay. I sometimes help her buy things for me from this eeebay place. IT fun when stuff comes for me!


  4. I don't know which excites me more...reading about boxes or tulips!

  5. Those are some big boxes, and you got two at once. That is the bestest! And I can't wait to see pictures of the tulips.

  6. Boxes! Boxes! Boxes! You are a lucky cat Derbs!!!

  7. Boxes from the mail are great! So many smells!

    Are ya sure 'bout not wantin' a job, Derby? We need somebody cool out there now that there won't be "Al & John on the mike..." every Monday nite! We already miss football!

  8. Oooh, I like boxes!
    We had a great big thunderstorm here yesterday, my mum was soaked when she got home.


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