Friday, March 24, 2006

Ch, Ch, Ch,Changes

As you can see mum changed the format of the blog. It is now all one color, eliminating the numerous boxes, divisions and such. Mum thought it looked chunky and liked the look of the all black blogs, but didn't like all black.

So we have the unified look of the same background colors. Links in dark blue, I rather like the look myself. Mum thinks we may still have to do a few tweaks on some little things. So thanks mum for the update.

Plus we added a number of new links. Puff found a new Puff in the UK. Plus lots of other kitties who have joined and have been leaving comments on lots of blogs.

Puff the Cat
Top Hat & Tails
Sweet Ariel
Furry Paws
Buddy's Place
Lone Star Purrs
Puss a Lapigus
A Blog Purr-Say(per-se) - Tahoe and Winston
Hara and Lulu on...
Gatubelas - Luna (en Espananol)

Wow, look at all of the new kitties who have joined us blogging. Drop in and say hello.


  1. Hey Derby. :)
    I appreciate the advice but there really is no competition when it comes to my sleek hide and come hither stare. Btw, kewl joint you have here!

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  3. Hi Derby thanks for visiting my page. You are handsome! Kiss Kiss

  4. Just checking in with our buddy since we haven't been making the blog rounds these days. After Gradma went home, my Mom's friend arrived from the USA.

    She is gone now and we are all trying to catch up on our blogs. Hope your well and by the way, we LOVE the look of your new blog.

    Ciao for now.
    Opus and Roscoe

  5. Oh Derby, tell your Mom it looks wonderful.....did it take her days to do it, like it does mine...did she cuss and get mad and blame Dad for talking to her when she was trying to concentrate???

  6. derby dude, we have been visiting now.

    Mama's out tonight, but she'll put these on our blog tomorrow :-)


  7. It looks good! Green like freshly-grown grass. That reminds me, I have some freshly-grown grass to enjoy.

  8. Thanks for listing the new kitty bloggers Derby. We member when we were new on the block. We like your new blog look too.

  9. Mew...thanks fur droppin' by to visit us. We especially can say we've been there, done that (the cupboard--"What's fur Lunch"!!)

  10. Derby, please have your Mom email mine. She has a question about uploading gif pichers to blogger.

  11. The blog looks really good Derby. Thanks for the links - I have already "met" some of those new kitties but I will go and visit the others right now!

  12. Love the new look of your blog, Derby. It's easy on the eyes.

    It's amazing how many cat bloggers there are now!


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