Friday, March 31, 2006

Inside Spring Flowers

Mum has a plant that normally blooms around Thanksgiving to Christmas. Guess what, its got a few new blooms on it now! Below is what they looked like in December.
No open windows today, it gotted cold again. Bummer, come on spring, get here and stay here!

Miles posted about getting stepped and sat on. Mum didded the same thing to me tonight. She got home from work and wanted to set down her 'puter bag, nearly got me with that and then managed to get her big foot on my tail. And she wondered why I was suddenly in such a bad mood. You wouldn't be happy if your tender parts were getting stepped on!


  1. Do them purty flowers taste good, Derby?

    Maybe it is a April Fools Joke the plant is doing.......blooming like that.....

  2. Christmas Cactus has a way of blooming at other times of the year. My grandma's Christmas Cactus doesn't bloom too often during the holidays. It mostly blooms during the spring and summer.

  3. meows!!My mom have many Spring flowers too!! coming to my blog! =^^=

  4. OUCHY!
    Mom's got a plant jus like that, but no blooms. What's your mom's secrit?
    Sumtimes Bonnie is so quiet an the boy is so brain-dead, he's sat on her. Not me, tho.

  5. The only plants that the Mom has are really nasty cacti with sharp spikey thingies. I remember when one of the Brats tried to chew on one. I was laughing all day from that.

  6. Some friends of mine at a cactus once... but they were chinchillas, so what can you expect!


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