Monday, March 13, 2006


Grampie helped mum move the big cold box yesterday so she could clean behind it. No toys behind it, just dust bunnies, but I don't play with them. Then mum made dinner and I gotted to lick the the left over ice cream in the bowls. Grampie even shared his too. After dinner he wented to wash his hands in the bathroom. This is the bathroom mum won't let me in because I shred the TP. Well, Grampie didn't see me come in and then shut the door on me when he left the room.

So after he left mum was looking for me and kept walking through the house looking for me. I wasn't in any of my usual spots. She even wented to the dungeon to look for me and made sure that Grampie hadn't shut me in the closet. She finally heard my collar tags clink and let me out. She said I needed to meow where I was. Well, if she hadn't found me I could have kept myself amused with the TP.

The Crew says they are not responsible for the sign as they don't get let out of the house. Well, Crew, you teleport to the parties, so why couldn't you have teleported here to make your mark on the world? In spite of your protests mum says she will think of you when she see it. Everyday on the way to work.

Also, Happy Purrthday to Uncle Stormie. Today is your special day.


  1. Hey Derby, whutcha doin on the humans litterbox?

    Between you and me, I think The Crew teleported on over there and did the graffiti stuffs. But, then again, maybe it was somebody else, posing as them.....I am not mentioning any names or anything.........

  2. You can't The Crew kitties! They definitely DID IT!

  3. Derby

    You've done a wonderful job suppervisin' your Mom making sure all the spring cleanin' is done.


  4. It's tough being so quick that the people don't see you come in with them! That happens with us and closets sometimes.

  5. Derby, I think The Crew really did it, they just don't want to go on record admitting it for fear of prosecution.

    As for the TP, I've never thought to shred TP before! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Why didn't you meow out when your Mum called you? Then again, you used your time well and there could be worse things than spending some time alone in the bathroom. Max likes to play with TP, too, so he knows.

    We'll admit to the graffiti as long as the police don't come and arrest us. We like our own house and don't want to go to jail!

    The Crew

  7. your mom has been a wild woman with all the cleaning Derby. Our mom is still sitting on her butt. But with all the new snow, its winter again so shes off the hook for spring cleaning again.

  8. You didn't meow to get out? Me neither! When I get caught somewhere I don't say anything. I just sit there...unless I hear a bag of treats being rattled...THEN I start to cry like a baby!!

  9. Our house is a tip, my mum is always making the excuse that she's too tired from work to do cleaning. I'm glad you got rescued from the bathroom and weren't too traumatised, Derby! I had a trauma today, I got hit on the head! (see my blog). I am OK though.

  10. hi derby! we likes to get shutted in the bafroom too, because then we lick the water out of the shower. mom sez we're weird kitties!

  11. A few days ago, I got locked in the girl's closet when she left for school. She had to go early that day and left before 7. Then FOUR hours later, Mom was about to leave the house and she says she heard a meow. It occurred to her that she hadn't seen me downstairs (sometimes I sleep on the boy's bed all morning and don't come down). So she ran up and called, "Nala?"

    Believe me - I answered her, and how! She came and let me out and then I got lots of loving and a treat. It wsa almost worth it... but not quite. Pretty boring in that closet after I went through everything...

    ~ nala


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