Monday, October 17, 2011

ManCat Monday

There are as many different characters of cats as there are colours - and all utterly captivating. - Author Unknown

Just us orinch kitties in this house, but we kitties do come in all sorts of colors and mix of colors. So pick your favorite color and go find a kittie in that color. Give them a good home.

We are sending lots of purrs to our lovely lady furiend Parker. She hasn't been feeling well and now her beans have found out she has tummy cancer. You can head over to her blog to read more. We will be sending lots of purrs and purrayers to Parker, her fursibs and beans as well. Hang in their Parker, we loves you. Around here this weekend we did lots of playing. Mum still has today off so another day to hang with her on Monday. She finished her washing marathon to move the summer clothes into the closet and bring out some of the fall and winterish stuff. It was sunny so we had lots of sun puddles to sleep in, extra cuddles and treats from mum. We will next post on Thursday, that will be Derby's purrthday day. So we invite all of you to stop over for refreshements and don't forget to post your tock pictures. Mum has been going through the pictures finding lots of our tock pictures.

Feetsball Report

Packers - still unbeaten, we beat them Ram guys from St Louis, Misery state. Plus them Lion guys from the Mitten state losted, so now the Packers are the only unbeaten team.

The Colts -
still winless, sorry guys. We wish Mr Peyton would come back. But at this rate maybe you will bet first pick in the draft next year and get a new quarterback.

Grampa Brett- still retired

Our baseball team also played against the redbird team from St Louis, Misery. However the Brew Crew didn't do so well. Heck the St Louis baseball team scored more points than the feetsball team. So for us the baseball season is over. Better luck next year.

Find the fevvers answer. We saw five and have them labeled on the picture below, so biggify to see. We only counted those on the plant, not those in the background on the feeder sock. Mum knew she saw five when she took the picture, but even she had a hard time finding them all to mark them for you. Biggify to see the number marks.


  1. We got to lie around with mama all weekend, too! We are sorry to hear about Parker.

  2. I think I see one or two that your human missed, because I don't recall finding the birdie on the branch that was hanging down!

  3. We were very sad to hear about Parker ~ we are sending love and purrs.

  4. we are so sad about Parker.

    those were some nice fev-ver tocks

  5. It's very sad news about Parker and we're purring for her and for her family.

    We'll be posting tock pics on Thursday and will come to help you celebrate.

  6. P.S. Never in a million years would we have seen bird #5. Even with the # on the photo we can't really even make it out. LOL.

  7. We crack up every week to see Grandpa Brett is still retired! You guys are funny.
    We've marked the calendar for Mommy and are gonna do a Tocktober post!

  8. Early birthday greetings to Derby. We'll see if we can stop by.

  9. we are so sad about sweet Parker Pie too. Love your pics though!

  10. Mom and Dad are so disappointed to not be able to see Peyton play, but even more disappointed to hear the news about Parker. We are purring so hard. It just makes us sad.

  11. Just copy and paste for the Colts and save yourself some time, "Colts lost."
    Such a terrible year for them.
    Looks like you had a nice relaxing weekend.

  12. We also noticed that Derby's birthday isn't far away. It's close to Nicky's birthday, too.

    We were shocked and saddened to hear the bad news about Parker.

  13. We counted the ones in the background when we said 6...but we missed a couple on the plant!!

  14. Yay, we counted the fevvers right! Well, we're cats, we SHOULD!


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