Saturday, October 22, 2011


HiYa, Ducky here. Decent Caturday for us, lots of sun to nap in today. Here is mum taking my picture from outside when she got home. She didn't spend much time at home with us today. Said she had to cover a lot of territory today.

Here is what she did today, get up, eat brekkie, get dressed and left. Stopped at the foods store and bought big bags of kitties foods, but not for us. Then from there she drove way away to a special place and got this bag of bright yarns. This was the only store that had what she was looking for and she was willing to drive to get it.
The one on the left will be made into a baby blankie for a bean at work, same blankie pattern as she has made before, just changes the yarn. But she also likes the one on the right so she bought that one too.

Then hopped back into the car and went to our shelter. She took all the foods she bought to the shelter. They had foods on their wish list and urgently needed kittie foods. So mum figures that rather than just giving them some green papers to got ge some foods. Plus she looked to see if my brick was out, but she didn't see it.

She stopped to say hi to some of the furries, not really visiting hours when she was there but she said hello to some buns.
This big dude was in a special enclosure all by himselves.

Then she came home, did her walk, crunched up leaves on the grass with the grass eating Monster. Then she did sit down long enough to inhale some lunch and watch outside with us.
Mr Squirrel somehow managing not to slide off and feed his face on the suet cake.
Then mum caught Mr Hawk coming through and sitting in a nearby tree. Looking for some lunch too. Mum says the junco birds are back too, they come here for the winter from way up north.

Then she jumped in the hot rain room, got all clean and fresh clothes on and went off for a surprise purrthday party for this furiend of hers. Said she was a whole 40 years young. Well compared to mum it is young.
She got home way after dark, put on her jammies and is just chillaxin' on the sofa. I am going to join her and cuddle.


  1. Your mom sounds as busy as my mom.


  2. HOLY CATS! Mommy was at work today and she didn't do half as much as on your Mum's day off! You guys better pin her down for a bit.

  3. Your mom did have a busy but productive day.

    In Auckland tonight is the final of the rugby world cup. Our kiwi team the All Blacks haven't won for a looooong 24 years, and this year is our biggest chance and the whole country will be watching.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. Sounds like you Mom had a busy day! My Mom was a bum today and only did laundry. She didn't efun get dressed! Happy Sunday, kittehz!

  5. Sounds like your Mom had a busy day today. Bet you and Derby had a lot of time to nap. Happy Belated Birthday Derby, sounds like you had a real nice birthday with all the drink and food to nom nom on. Sorry I missed the festivities, really sorry for myself with all the goodies you had. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend.


  6. Wow, your human did a lot today! But it sounds like she forgot to bring home some treats for you guys!

  7. Your mom certainly had a busy Caturday. It's good that you took plenty of naps for her.

    Have a good week ahead.

  8. Very busy momma! Stumbled accross your blog today.... Love it!

  9. Your mom sure had a busy day! That was nice of her to take foods to the shelter.

  10. Whew! Your Mom sure had a busy busy day! But must be a very satisfying feeling.


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