Friday, October 7, 2011


We are cellybrating here in Whiskerconsin, our baseball team won tonight to beat the snake team. That means we live to play another day.

We found out a name for our funky plant the other day. Teasel's and they are considered invasive weeds. Thanks to Eric and Flynn, and Team Tabby for telling us what we were looking at.

Plus mum saw a birdie she hasn't seen in our yard before. A tufted titmouse! She didn't have the flashy box out with her so she didn't get a picture, but she was happy to see a new birdie she hadn't seen before.
Mum is going to go off and play with racy cars one last weekend for the season. The weather is going to be good, warm and sunny, so she figures she better go.


  1. We have those tufted titmouse birdies around here lots. We like them cuz they fly around a lot. They go to the feeder, grab a seed an fly to a branch. Repeat, repeat, repeat...

  2. We are tittering about your titmouse, hee hee.

    Mommy watched the Brewers game--it was a nailbiter!

  3. Well, we luffed the Teasels! We luf the Titmouse too! It looks tast, er, cute! Haf a purrfect weekend. xoxo

  4. Tell Mum to enjoy her racey cars time. Those tufted titmouses are sweet looking birds. We have some of them around here. Mom doesn't remember if they are some of the ones who like to eat peanuts - Dad is the expert there, but we have one seed feeder and one peanut feeder.

  5. We are excited about the Brewers because we know our extended family is excited too! And well the Ms were not even worth mentioning this year.

  6. Concats to your team for winning.
    We have never seen a titmouse with or without a tuft. We are confused that the fevver is called a mouse.

  7. Thank you furry much for the lovely birthday greeting! Please accept my headbutts and purrs as a thank you. Hope you'll enjoy them!


  8. Concats on the win. The new birdie looks very cute.


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