Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Whisker Hump Wednesday

We haven't run whisker hump pictures for a few weeks, mum got a couple of decent ones on us lately.

Yes we have been busy snoopervising the work crews the past days. They showed up again on Monday put stuff inside a machine and as it came down the street it yakked up and made the curb and gutters. Mum can't get the metal monster inside its room, but she can park in front of the house.
Mum says it has to set or cure for a few days before they can do the next step to put the black stuff for the street.
At that time they have to fill in this hole to finish the driveway. Then things should be done, finally. Just in time to have the snow come. Mum says snow can wait for a long time.

Some of you asked how we got them to work? Well the village we live in hired these guys to fix the storm drains and redo the street. So mum and the neighbors just kept calling the village department in charge of streets. Mum thinks they got tired of all of the phone calls and called the company and got them going. As long as they get done and go away we will be happy!


  1. Wow, you kittehz haf alot of stuff to snoopervise right now. How do you get it all done?

  2. Derby and Ducky, Mom said your whiskers Humps look so handsome !!!! Great photos !

  3. Great whisker humps--we'll have to get some pictures of ours. Good for you to get the crew going!

  4. Sure seems like a lot of effort to get these guys to do the job they were hired to! We hope they get it finished (properly) pronto!

  5. Wow. Nice whisker humps. I hope that they get finished before the metal monster has to stay out in the cold when it snows!

  6. You're very good snoopervisors. We hope you meow at them if they make too much noise while you're trying to take a proper nap.

  7. Those are some great whisker humps you have!!

    And we're glad those guys are finally working and getting the job done.

  8. You both have great whisker humps.We are glad those men are working at last.


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