Saturday, October 15, 2011

How Many Fevvers

HiYa, Ducky here today. We have picture for you to study and report back to us on how many fevvers you can see sitting on the plant. You can biggify the picture to help you count. We will report the number we see on Monday. No prizes, just for fun. You don't need to count the fevvers in the background on the feeding sock.
Plus next week Thursday is Derby's purrthday, so that means, it is SHOW YOUR 'TOCKS DAY. Mum has been following us around with the flashy box to get new tock pictures of us.

We are having a sunny but windy day. So we are napping in the sun puddles, mum is on a laundry marathon. Up and down to the dungeon lots today. But she did sleep in today. She was off chasing around at a charity event with not real racy cars but at the race track. She had a good day, her furiend drove them, she said she got to go riding in a convertible at the end of the day with a real race car driver. He went fast, but smooth all around the track. Mum liked that. Plus they raised lots and lots of green papers for charity, which was the point of the day.

So we guess we will just go back to napping.


  1. We think we see 5.
    Our mom is busy switching her short sleeved warm weather clothes out of her drawers & putting in her long sleeved shirts now that the weather is changing.

  2. I see five, too! (I was getting worried there for a minute!)

  3. I see four for sure and I think a fifth one. That was fun!

  4. We saw only 4, even though we looked hard...guess the mom really does need glasses. LOL.

  5. We think we see five fevvers! The really like that plant! Sounds like a purrfect Caturday. xoxo

  6. We see 6!

    We're getting our 'tocks pictures ready for Derby's birthday!

  7. We see 7 or 8. We can't tell how if there are 3 or 4 on the sock. We definatly see 4 on the planter.

    We're have a special tock photo for Derby's birthday!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. We think we see five!


  9. We only see four birdies. Dats nice dat yur mom did a nice charity event. Dose are hevan points!

  10. my TOCKS pic is up ~ sorry it's a day late!

    Alfie xx


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