Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, This and That

Yes, that is us, together watching the worker guy TV. It is finally coming to an end, and mum says HURRAY!
Monday they put down one layer of black stuff, which left a bit of a lip to drive through, but mum still parked off on the side street so she didn't have to get out early when they started working. That way she got a bit of a walk in every morning.
Today on Tuesday the put down another layer and finished off the end of our driveway. So mum could bring the metal monster into its own room again for the first time in over a week. Plus she says she can finally get the metal monster all washed and cleaned up again.
They still have to finished up the dirt on the edge of the road, smooth it out some and put grass seed in it. But all of the big, noisy and smelly work should be all gone.

Mum came home after day hunting and then left again. She went out to eat on a day hunting night no less. We smelled crab on her breath and she didn't bring us any! Said it was a farewell dinner for one of the library board members who is retiring and leaving the area. She said she got to try the restaurant at the new hotel in town. Mum said it was OK, but not outstanding. Figured they need to support the local businesses though.


  1. D & D, don't you just hate it when moms go out, have some really fun food and don't share?

    Glad to hear your road is all better now. When the seed goes in, maybe you'll have bird TV again!

  2. Crab!
    How dare she not bring home a kitty bag for you!
    The road is looking good!

  3. Snoopervishun job almost ofur and no crab! Sounds sorta like a Monday to us.

  4. Shame on your human for not bringing home any crab!

  5. WOT? She didn't bring a dogggy ... erm ... we mean kitty bag back?

  6. Workman TV is ending and mama had crab without you? What's going on over there? Mama is wondering what restaurant your mama went to?

  7. I think you deserved a kitty bag. I mean you guys have been working so hard snoopervising them with the road and all.

  8. Its too bad yer worker guy TV is done, but we do unnerstand Mom is happy...


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