Monday, October 24, 2011

ManCat Monday

As every cat owner knows cats are individuals - some cats are skittish, some grave, some lazy - all lovable! - Author Unknown

Mum gave me my purrthday prezzie over the weekend. It is an ESS. We have seen other kitties with these and they look neat, so mum figured we needed one too. We both jumped in and checked it out right away. Heck the first shots she didn't have have the chance to get the store tags off.
We haven't had a moovie lately either, so here we are with our new toy.

Feetsball Report

The Packers - beat down them Vikings. Mum was worried at first, rookie QB and all for the Vikes. But the Pack came back in the second half, intercepting the rookie. Now they get next weekend off.

The Colts - playing late on Sunday, mum won't be staying up for the end of the game. We hopes they win a game one of these weeks.

Grandpa Brett - still retired, wondered if he watched the game between his two old teams?


  1. An Ess! Yay! We hasn't got one yet. Could we teleport ofur and try yours out? xoxo

  2. wow...we're really envy for your ESS
    hoping ourHuman will buy one for us too...

    BoBo Salem
    Meow Meow Family

  3. Wow ! Great to see you guys on video ! ESS as a present !!! How lucky you are !
    I didn't got one, I'm so jealous !!!
    Enjoy Cool Toy : )

  4. Dang it! WE WANT an ESS TOO! Mummy are you listening?
    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  5. Wow an Ess. I'm gonna ask Father Christmas for an Ess they look great fun. Enjoy your play :)xx

  6. The Ess rules! Although Boodie has practically commandeered ours.

  7. That's a great prezzie e have an ESS too and we love it!

    The Chans

  8. We love our Ess ~ it's an awesome present to have.

  9. How cool that you got an Ess!!! Have fun!

  10. We may need an ESS also. But, we sneak in a good scratch on the good furniture during the middle of the night.

    Have a good week.

  11. Isn't the ESS the greatest? Such a wonderful pressie! Sylvester especially likes to "sharpen" his toes on the sides; he doesn't have any toenails, either.

  12. Those Esses are GREAT! We finally got one, but we havent posed fer pictures using it yet...

  13. We have gotta get us one of those.
    Our Gotcha day is Friday, maybe mom will surprise us!
    We still haven't got a turbo track yet either.

  14. We nefur heard of an ESS so dis is somefin new. We watched da Packers game too!
    Our Tock shots are up. Tocks to yoo Derby!a

  15. Hey, we have one of those, too!

  16. Wow, you are giving that ESS a workout!

  17. Looks like a neat gift you got there. Is it fun to play with?
    Please when you mention the Colts, if you even still want to, guess you could just say they lost. This is a terrible year. (*&^%$#. The mom has always said that one person doesn't make the team but she has changed her mind on that.

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