Saturday, July 31, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here. Mum needed to get out and get foods early, so that has delayed my post. 

The hots have gone away. Lots of big storms on Wednesday night, some really bad where twisters broked trees and blew apart buildings. Amazing, nobody was hurt or killed! The worst of the storms were well away from us. So not even tree twigs to pickup!

Mum didn't get much sleep that night. She slept good the past two nights and says she feels more awake. Maybe one more night of really good sleep then things will be back to normal. 

So the foods are all stowed in the big cold box. I know there is ham in that, maybe I can get some when she has lunch. 

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone!


  1. I sure am glad those storms didn't mess with you Ducky. Enjoy some ham!

  2. I am glad the storms kept away from you.

  3. Geez Ducky - I know foods are important, but so is your post! I hope your mum gives you lots of ham to help you manage your disappointment about having to delay your blogging today.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. I’m glad you were far from those bad storms, Ducky. Hope you got some ham.

  5. Ham sounds great Ducky and we are glad it cooled off


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