Thursday, July 22, 2021

Garden Puzzle Thursday

 Mum is happy with the cleaner house. She kept it clean enuf that you didn't have to call the health department! MOL!

I am not going to worry about re-furring everything as these people will be back every two weeks to clean. So I won't stress it, although mum says she isn't taking me to the spa for the next cleaning as that will be shorter. 

The hots are coming back. Mum and I will be taking it easy. 

Our local bucketball team won the championship the other night. Mum tuned in for the end of the game, then stayed up to watch them present the trophy. Then she stayed up even later to finish her book. She is now tired. Mum, you are old, you need more sleep!

One of our pretty day lilies and handsome me after the cleaning and we were back home. Mum noticed the one pic is crooked on the wall. She got it straight now!


preview90pieceIMG_4773 preview77pieceIMG_4782-1


  1. Sounds like the cleaning humans done good Ducky!

  2. Thank you for the puzzles.

  3. dood ewe bee lookin most handsum afturr yur spa day....gotta say we bet ewe iz glad ya due knot hafta go again tho !!!! ;) ☺☺♥♥

  4. Who the heck would notice a crooked picture when there's such a handsome mancat in the center of the photo?!

  5. The Hubby stayed up late to watch the final game; he was cheering for the Bucks that whole time!
    Off to puzzle...thanks!

  6. PRetty flower and look gorgeous Ducky :-D


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