Saturday, August 22, 2020


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday! Glad the weekend is here. Not that mum and I are doing anything special this weekend. No racy cars etc. Mum did meet up with Miss Lynn on Thursday for a lunch outside at a restaurant. Got there as soon as it opened to get a good table in the shade. They hadn't actually seen each other since February! Mum gave her a purrty orchid for her purrthday.  
Well my annual vet visit is early in the year near my Gotcha Day. That way mum amembers to get me there. Plus while you are there your human needs to talk to Dr Stabby about what immunizations are right for you. 

OK, I gotta explain this again. Mum does not drive racy cars. At best you could say she directs traffic! What she does is make sure the drivers are properly belted into the car, the car has a proper tech sticker afore they go on the track. Then for the actual race all those cars need to be put into proper qualifying order. So getting these people into a proper line. 

So these two pic show they putting the cars in order for one of the largest fields of the weekend. 58 cars so they had to use the third line. Usually they don't have to do that. In the below pic you can see mum furiend Miss Jane. I have met her and she is a nice lady who likes kits and woofs. 

One of the cars even showed that they had a pet crew named Enzo. Yeah, the woofie got named after the dog in the book The Art of Racing in the Rain. The dog mum found out is a King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise dog. 

Bumper sticker on the same car on the other side. Mum got a chuckle out of this one. 

Plus mum met this little guy. She was walking to the litter box building and this guy kept barking at her, trying to scare her away. The next day Miss Jane worked her majic and was able to give him belleh rubs! Mum didn't get his name but he is a rescue and Pomeranian mix. Mum thinks he is pretty cute but not as cute as me!

So a quiet weekend for us. Cuddles, treats, reading for mum, plus her chores. She needs to clean her litter box room this weekend. And use the sucky monster. 

Happy weekend. Stay safe, stay healthy and please wear a mask. 


  1. That was fun Ducky, we enjoyed seeing what your Mom does with those racy cars! Have a fun weekend!!!

  2. You are definitely cuter than that doggo, Ducky...but that's a cute one for sure!

  3. Well of course that dog isn't as cute as you, Ducky!

  4. That was nice to see what your mum does, Ducky.

  5. Very interesting to hear more about your mum and her racy cars. How did she become interested in racy cars? What is it about them that she finds interesting?

    Sydney, Australia

  6. I think it's cool that your human helps the race car humans do their racing!

  7. Cuddles, treats & reading- yayyy! Chores- nayyy!!


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