Monday, August 24, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

Looking at a cat, like looking at clouds or stars or the ocean, makes it difficult to believe there is nothing miraculous in this world. - Leonard Michaels

You got that right, I am a miracle! We all are miracles. 

Quiet weekend, we did hear rumbles of thunder last night but it never rained here. It all moved away from us. 

Mum and racy stuff. She says she always like racing stuff, cars, horsies. So when she finally got out on her own she could do stuff she wanted. She ended up working with someone who had a furiend who did this, so invited her to come out and check things out. So she did and she is still there. We watched the cars turn left at Indy yesterday on the moving picture box. 

Plus she worked on her crow-shay while she watched too. She hadn't done crow-shay in a few weeks, so needed to get back at it. 

Mum flipped the calendar page and guess what?! Nothing schedule! So I guess I get to have mum home with me all week. 

Happy week. Stay home, stay safe and please wear a mask. Be healthy. 


  1. How nice that you and your human have the whole week to spend together!

  2. Thank you for providing more info about your mum and racy cars. Could you ask her now to explain the attraction??? LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Ducky, the second photo of your shows your wonderful whiskers off splendidly!

  4. You look terrific Ducky and I'm glad you've got your Mom for the week!

  5. You are looking super handsome! My Human is fond of watching people turn left at very high speeds--in fact, did our Humans talk about Ford v. Ferrari?? The Human enjoyed it so much she saw it twice in the theater back in the Before Times when she still went to movies every week. She hopes that will happen again one of these months! She thinks that's what she misses most.

  6. dood....lookin good two day buddy !!!! happee monday two ewe N mum; we wundered if her wood haza front row seet to Indy.... it had ta bee kinda odd knot see in peepulz ther....ya noe

    stay safe N healthee :) ♥♥

  7. That will be nice to have your mum all to yourself all week.

  8. Happy Monday Ducky!! We hope you and mum enjoy a great week of relaxing and getting extra cuddles from mum all week long. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  9. From one miracle to another, Happy Toesday--your photographer kinda cut yours off there. It's hard to get good help, sigh.


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