Friday, May 11, 2007

7 Random Things.

I was tagged by four times by Monte Q. Cat. China Cat, Ariel and Beezer.

So seven random things about me.

1. I am a furry friendly kitty. I will run to answer the door when the doorbell rings.

2. I don't mind thunder boomies or fireworks.

3. I am de-clawed on all four paws

4. I am not a good purr kitty. I purr now and then but not lots.

5. I am not a lap cat.

6. I love to jump and can jump up furry high.

7. I can be a naughty little boy sometimes. I love to put the bitey on mum.

I tag Fat Eric, Cheysuli, Mattingly & Harlie, Princess Mia, Oreo, Timothy Dickens, William.


  1. [giggle] I like your wild side, Derby. And you are brave not to be afraid of the thunder boomies.

    I'll be thinking of my 7 random things...

  2. Why thank you for the tag Derby. I'll have to think about this...

    Also, I had no idea you were clawless. You look so fierce most of the time!

  3. Wow your brave boomies scare me.

  4. You are completely declawed? Was it furry painful, Derby?


  5. Is giving the bitey wrong? Uh oh.

  6. I see Vir-ginger is not afraid of heights!

  7. Oh my, no claws on all four? Yoor mom din't do dat did she? Zippy's got no claws in da front, mom din't do dat, it wuz frum her 'accident' dat mom thinks was akshooally teenagers being meen to her.

  8. I don't mind storms either. I also don't have my front claws. It's nevr slowed me down any.

    That was a great list! Have a great weekend!

  9. Oh my goodness, you have all four paws de-clawed! I have never heard of that. I, personally, have my front claws removed (not by my choice) and like you, I do run to the front door. You had a really great list about yourself!

    Purrrrrrs to you!

  10. red toys is fun!! like my red oktapuss! - Sammy


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