Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Answer Cat

I have had a number of questions again in my comments, so Iwill use this spot to respond to your questions.

Clawless but not clueless (hehehehe).

First about being clawless. I don't remember much about having them out, I was just a kitten at the time. Some people would rather have our claws removed than deal with teaching us proper use of scratching posts and all. More often than having all four paws done, most people just do the front. My first owner did this and mum knew that I had to be an inside kittie because of this. I do ok without them. But I do use my teeth to defend myself versus just sratching someone.
Opus & Roscoe's mum Cyn asked about playing in the tub and finding water in the tub. Mum normally uses the hot rain attachment, not sitting inside the water. So while she is in there the doors are closed. When she is done the doors open, she comes out and sometimes I jump in. Now the only thing that is really wet is the bottom, so my feets gets wet. Mum warns me if it is a little deep, but then I just wait until the water finished going away.
Both Virginger and I like heights. She climbs up in the trees and stuff, I jump on top of the big cold box. So no issues. The other night when Grampie was here I made myself comfy on top of the big cold box while they ate dinner.
My rainbow ribbon thingy. Mum hung it outside and it blows in the wind.
You can see me inside the big windows. I seem to be paying more attention to something other than the ribbons. But I can see it just outside, it is next to the wind chimes. Mum has a windsock out front too. But this ribbon thingy hangs under the patio roof, mum doesn't think it is really made to be out in the weather and get wet. That is why it is under the patio roof. But it sure is pretty. Below you can see me sitting at the big windows, watching the outside.
Sexywhiskerlumps or whisker humps or facical bosom or pouches. What ever you want to call them. It isn't actually a bump or a lump, just some of us kitties have a slightly different color of fur where our whiskers come out of our faces. So it makes us more manly looking and attractive to the lady cats.
About Virginger and the two little kitties. Do you think they might be her kittens? She is outside a lot, could she have met up with a mancat? I don't think mum took her in for her operation! What do you think?


  1. Oh that was so educational Derby!! We luf the pictures of your outside. It reminds our Maw of Oh-Maw-Haw.

    Virginger better get taken in for her lady gardenectomy!!!

    Luf, Us

  2. I enjoyed your Answer cat series. I bet you can guess which picture was my favorite.

    Yup, that's the one!

  3. Great answers. Very nice pictures, especially the one of your chin. I bet your mom wishes you let her sleep in. I wake my mom early to let me out, so she knows how your's feels. Thanks for commenting on our blog.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Samantha and Tigger.

  4. Many fanks for doing Anser Cat. We love your ribbon thingy and you are furry mancat with your whisker fings.

    Trixie finks you are furry hansome.

  5. We like the picture of you on the fridge! You look like a tiger surveying your territory!! In a way, you are!!

  6. I love when you have posts like this! I learn a lot. I have no front claws. I do well and play in my yard all the time. I'm a big cat and have sharp teeth. If I get in a fight, I use this to my advantage. I'm not a wanderer so that helps. I like to stay close to the patio.

    I think you're a cool cat! I'm glad you're my friend!
    Love, Oscar the Puppy Cat!

  7. Great answers I learned alot :)

  8. Oh, the hot rain attachment! I was wondering what you called that thing.
    Thanks, Derby!

  9. You really are the answer man, Derby. Your rainbow strings look fun. I'd want to chew on them though. hehehe I wonder about Vir-ginger too, but those are cute kittens whose ever they are.

  10. great answers Derby! they ould be her babies - she does look furry happy and motherly wif them.

  11. Thanks for the answers! I love the rainbow stringy thing!

  12. Wonderful answers, Derby. We like the photo of you on the cold box, too. And, your whisker bump is very cute indeed!
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  13. Derby, yur so entertainin an cute. I gotta try gettin on top of the fridge. Wouldn't Dad be surprised?

    Derbs, I has to wonder... Charcoalie has a 3 kittens now, too! One looks JUST LIKE the ginger one, an anofur is a tuxie, an anofur ginger. You don't fink... Virginger an Charcoalie? Would that make us brofurs-in-paw?

  14. Derby, this may sound like a silly question... but how do you scratch your itch wif no clawsies? Do you use your teeth fur that too?


  15. Derby, who thought you were clueless?! Just because some human decided you needed to be clawless!

    Love that windsock. That would be a great thing to watch. I'm going to have to lobby to get me one of those!

  16. That is very good of you to answer so many important questions.
    Virginger might be a mammacat? Very nice!
    You sure do have big whisker humps... not that I was looking or anything.


  17. You are always so informative, Derby ... Love those whisker humps ... super sexy! Meeooooowww!

  18. Derby - Thanks for answering the questions. I like the top of the refrigerator too.


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