Saturday, May 26, 2007

busy, Busy, BUSY

First of all I forgot to post a picture for Flower Friday. So I am making up for it today. It is a furry purrty light pink iris.
But for a holliday weekend mum is certainly busy. Yesterday afternoon a big motor monster backed up into our driveway and hurled a huge hairball!Look at this huge pile of stuff, right in the middle of the drive, which means mum can't get her monster back into its room. What in the world is this stuff for? Oh, mum says it is not a hairball but bark mulch for the garden and flower beds.
Well mum got out a shovel and a cart, loaded the mulch on the cart. Then took the cart to the back and dumped the stuff, spread it out around all of the plants. She did this over and over and over and over and over....well, you get the picture.

But after many trips she had the whole back garden all covered. It looks furry purrty and makes the plants stand out so much more.
I just snoopervised the big mulch pile from the front window. I can't believe she moved enough of the mulch stuff to cover the back garden in just about three hours.
So this is what was left after she was done on Friday night of moving the stuff. Mum says she went through about half of the stuff, so the pile was a lot smaller.
So today Grampie came over and helped. He would load the cart while mum spread the stuff in the rest of the flower beds in the front.
This was about half way through the morning, the pile is getting smaller. Then soon Grampie was loading the last few shovelful of mulch into the cart.
So here is the biggest flower bed in the front. You can see the last of the tulip and hyacinths. Mum planted some other plants in here the other day, but they are still so hard to see as they are small.
So looky, no big pile of mulch. It is all put into the flower beds and mum can get the metal monster back into its room.
I just did my normal job of snoopervising. Considering that they finished getting rid of the whole pile of mulch, I think I did a good job.
But mum gets soooo dirty when she works outside. Just look at those feet, nice painted toes, but dirty feets.
She fixed Grampie lunch and then took him home. When she got back she jumped in the hot rain room and got rid of the dirt. Then she was a furry smart bean and took a long nap. I even joined her and made sure she napped a long time. She did for over an hour which was furry good for her.

Now she says she has most of her weekend work done, she can be lazy and watch cars turn left for hours and hours tomorrow.


  1. What a busy busy day, you've had! I'd love to go to the garden party with you. I'm sure Skittles won't mind, she has her own sweetheart cat now.

  2. Great job snoopervising, Derby. We still have that huge pile of stuff in our yard, but it's not our fault. We snoopervised correctly, but the staff is not so fast. Thanks for joining us at WCB #103.
    Boni Maroni

  3. I's tired just lookin at that pile! Mom's huntin partner, "boss", is doin the same fing this weekend. Buyin a big pile of dirt an mofin it around to cover more dirt? It just don make sense.
    Mom says our Irises hafn't bloomed yet.

  4. Wowie, I bet your Mommy is sore tomorrow!

  5. Wow - that is one heck of a hairball!!!

  6. That's the prettiest flower I ever saw! You guys were working so hard; I can tell by your mom's dirty foot and your total exhaustion.

  7. Wow! What a hairball!

    Your garden is beautiful! Please feel free to stop by my garden party tomorrow.

    p.s. a nice gift for you mum might be a gift certificate for a pedicure.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  8. Your Mommy and my Mommy and Daddy were thinking the same things. My Mommy and Daddy finished putting the big stones down so I can walk all the way around the yard without having to get my paws dirty. They finished up this evening by moving the bark dust into the new flower beds. Mommy says she's not doing anything else this weekend but watching the races, which is the best because she'll brush me for hours and hours.

    PS Mommy says your Mommy has done a lovely job and your garden looks fabulous.

  9. Hello Derby! I love that you came for a visit and think I should join the Ginger cats. I will check it all out when I get back from my trip to see Dragonheart:)
    Purrrrs Miss Peach>(^,^)<
    PS: Glad we will be furrrrends...I love Portulaca roses too!!!!!

  10. Wow, your yard is just gorgeous, all thanks to you and your snoopervising! Our Momma and Daddy use that bark stuff too, but I have never seen a woofie in it, so who does the barking?


  11. Wow, that is the most kitty litter I have ever seen! It sure is nice that your humans made you the biggest and prettiest litter box in the yard for you. Quite fancy.

  12. Wow your mom and grampie were very busy.She needed the nap good snoopervising Derby :)

  13. I love the pink iris, it is so beautiful! That mulching looks like a very hard job.

  14. At the rate Mom Bobbie goes, her metal monster would have not escaped for Days!
    You are a good snoopiviser!

  15. Oh Derby, you did a great job supervising. Look at all that your Mom and Grampie got done. You really live in a very pretty place. The mulch does make a big difference in the flower beds. My Mom loved the picture of the iris. Sometimes she goes nuts taking pictures of her flowers. This morning she transplanted a rose that looks like it is giving up the ghost, but she said there is still some green on it and is going to give it one more chance. It's a miniature rose in a pot.

    Drat, Mom just saved a big moth from Cleo. It came in and Mom caught it and put it back outside.


  16. Hi Derby, my mom and dad were doing dat kinda stuff fur da last two days too. It's furry hard work snoopervising dat stuff. Today we is all resting cuz tomoro der will be lots of beans in our yard and daddy will be cooking on da outside fire boks.

  17. You did an excellent job, Derby. Without your help, it wouldn't have been finished.

    Your momma has a pretty feet with those pink nails, just perfect for jumping on (of course when clean).

  18. i bet your mama is TIRED!

    does the mulch smell good? (sometimes it smells like cedar!)


  19. You mom has energy to burn!!! Ours would be complaining about her aching back by now!
    But she & grampie did great work!

  20. Wow, your mom was so very very busy! And Grampie helped too! Of course, they couldn't have done it as well without your excellent snoopervision!

    Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow

    Hope that you all get to rest up and have fun tomorrow!

  21. Wow, Derby, that was a lot of work. I'm tired from just reading about it! But I bet your mum is happy that's all done now.

  22. What a fun pile - we would have loved to dig in it. The garden looks beautiful and we are happy to hear that you were supervising. Good Job!

    Purrs and Scritches

  23. Wowee kazowee!! That was a ton of mulch moving that your mum did there Derby! And everything looks so pretty and fresh!!! It's no wonder you were worn out. That's just a lot of snoopervising for one poodin.

    On Sunday, it was a very long time of watching cars turning left what with all the rain and yellows and such. And Maw was so disappointed that she didn't see McDreamy!!!

    Luf, Us


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