Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Dilema

First, mum says thank you for your greetings on her birthday. She had a good day, worked from home and was very nice to share her special dinner with me.

But on to my dilema. I have another admirer. I got a comment from Skittles yesterday.

I am heartbroken.

I have fallen in love with you from afar.

You are sooooooo handsome.

I don't normally like boy cats.

But you seem really cool.

Life is good here in California. No snow.

Forget the princess. I am all you need.

Luv, Skittles, The Cat

Now I know some of my fellow kitties have kidded me about being a chick magnet, but I never expected this! I know Chase has his Charmers, Rocky has the Spicey Vixens. But me, I never even expected to have one girlcatfuriend, now I have two. Princess Mia and Skittles who wants me too. What to do? Guess I need to think on this for a bit. Talk things over with Vir-ginger. Oh dear, what to do?!


  1. derby - skittles looks like a very nice cat. but come on man, Princess Mia is a Babe!!! plus she cares for you a lot!

  2. Well, Derby, why do you think Patches calls you Smiley Boy, in that speshul way? Think about it.....


  3. Derby, that is a conundrum. But you cannot really blame the ladies, you are one handsome Man Cat.

  4. Dear Derby,

    Don't listen to Edsel, who was named after a loser of a car, and calls himself a pooch. No self respecting cat would call himself a dog. Edsel likes Princess because she is a tuxedo cat like him.

    But I am a tiger cat. Tiger inside and outside. And I live in a very tony section of San Diego, where it is always sunny and warm.
    Lots of lizards, pigeons, and wild parrots to hunt!

    Sam, the marmalade cat from down the street, tries to court me. But I will wait for you.

    Skittles, The Cat

  5. Derby, you sly dog (er, cat)! Look at all the girls you've got!

    First we want to wish your Mum and belated Happy birthday. Then we wanted to wish you all a belated happy Valentine's day. Last, but not least, we want to wish you a belated Cat Day (it was yesterday). I know it seems we are little behind with the holidays, but we are cats after all!

    Much love!
    Your friends from the boot!
    Opus and Roscoe

  6. We say da more da merrier. Enjoy it! Flaunt it if you've got it!

    Luf, Us

  7. Derby,

    Whatever you do, it must be honorable and above reproach. We can't have this sort of scandal from the VP!

    I have every faith that you will work this out to the best of your abilities and that it won't come back to bite us at election time.

  8. Oh deer yoo do haf a prollum. Speeking furr owrselfs, we haf only got eyes furr owr sweeties Grr and Rosie, but only yoo can deeside what yoo want to do.
    pee-ess We like the pichur of yoo in yer window wiv yer leg dangling down.

  9. Kukka Marie has her Tom Cat stable and now you can have a Spicey Vixen Harem!

  10. Derby it's that red hot collar it makes you look very handsome :)

  11. you sure do have a dilema, Derby! Just listen to your heart...we bet it says "have them both"!


  12. This is always a tough decision to make. Latte is very monogomous with Cheysuli but I've found that Man Cats just do well with a harem. Rocky advised me that its just natural and that the ladies are a little flirty themselves a lot of the time so its all fun. But Chey does have a point about the election, maybe you should have a poll to see what the public thinks of harems? Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be right as you are a very wise cat.


  13. Doooood..did you ever tell Mia she was yer one and only? If ya did, you have to stick to that. But if all you said was "yer a babe and I luvs you" then you can play the field. Playing the field is nice. There are lots of mice in fields.

  14. I agree with Max.

    If the ladies are lining up, who are you to argue?


  15. hahaha - Max has an excellent point...'specially 'bout the mice...

  16. OH MY GAWD! You are a chick magnet, Derbs. I know we had a special thing going. I understand if you want to see this other kittie. You'll always be my first Sweetheart Cat. I'm going over to her blog to check her out.
    :swishes tail:


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