Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Update

I missed ManCat Monday. Mum, after moving snow around all weekend, kept falling asleep on me on Sunday night. Mr. Oscar had to go on without her. So no posts etc. Today when she gotted up, her head didn't feel well so stayed home from work and stayed in bed. So I had to be by her, doing my duty as Dr. Derby. Sending her lots of purrs.

We have our first members of the DreamCats. More DreamBoats than DreamGirls so far. No button yet for the sidebars for our members. I will have to have mum work on that when she has time and her head doesn't hurt.

Plus, Diva Kitty sented my post of the hawk to someone who really know about fevvers, BirdChick. She said the hawk is a Cooper's Hawk, not a Sharp-shinned hawk. Either way mum gotted some furry good pictures.

Princess Mia and I are going steady, we have an exclusive relationship. So no engagement or wedding. Kitties don't get married.

Mum found an interesting article on kitties who are helping with research into eye problems, both in kitties and humans. Bionic kittie eyes.

Lastly, in our local paper, some cemeteries are making room for pets. Humans in one area, pets in another. Except if you get buried in a Catholic cemetery.


  1. Derby it's so nice of you to give your Mom purrs and watch over her while her head hurts. You make a good Dr. Derby. Must be a lot of work moving snow around. Mom told me theres lots of storm going on back there. Her son lives in Michigan and they are getting a lot of snow too.

    Best of luck going steady with Princess Mia. Hope you have a lot of fun together.


  2. I'm sorry that your Mom's head is hurty. You make a good Dr. Derby, I'm sure. You found some very interesting news.

  3. You were very busy while your mom's head was hurting. All that research and such.

    Luf, Us

  4. oh your poor mommy - we hopes she feels better soon.
    Fank you for posting our dreamcats pikshurs!!
    wow, a burial in a cat-lick cemetery. we is cat-lick!

  5. Actually Derby, Latte just asked me to marry him, so I suppose we can--of course it's possible that specist commentary won't let us...

  6. Sorry yoor moms hed hurted. Hope doze purrs fixed it. Zippy wuz married to a kitty in Catifornia, some beans sed it wuz crazy but wut do dey know. She's been a widow cat for 'bout 5 years now and iz enjoying haffing Fat Eddy be her boyfrendcat. We're cats so we can do anyfing we wants!

  7. Derby! So much has happened since I last came by to comment! You are certainly never bored! I think you made a very gentlemancatly decision about the ladies. And I can't wait to head over and check out the Dreamcats. And a hawk in your yard and you've had to play Dr. Derby... wow. How do you manage it all?

  8. Hi Derby, I'm glad you dropped by to visit my blog ... and left a comment... I visit lots of blogs, but don't always have enough time to leave comments. So, thanks again.

    I see my girlfriend Zippy's been visiting your blog...I sure hope you're being really nice to her (but not too nice)...

    I'm kinda in shock about something I read on your comments about Zippy, I didn't know she was married before, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. She is very beautiful and charming and had babies a long time ago.


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