Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Another beauty-full day. Lots of sun. Mum has been out getting sun and I have had a bit of open windows too. It is a bit breezy out, so cool, even with the sun.

Mum went shopping and came home with goodies for me! Lots of little tins filled with gooshy foods. You can see on the left what I still have to eat afore we did into the new stuff. Mum said the lady checker ask how many cats mum had. She was surprized that mum said only one. She thought this was way too much food for one cat. Pffft. What does she know!
 A few questions I have to answer. Miss Megan from Sydney is a curious human and often asks questions.

1 - About the naked lady in the moovie. She didn't know it was coming either, so couldn't shield my eyes.

2 - About our harsh winter. We only got the same amount of snow we usually get, but it all came between January 18 and late February. So we got dumped on for 6 weeks. Plus some really cold stuff and ice!

3 - That I have to sit on her more and make her relax. She is relaxed. If she is crow-shaying it is relaxing, plus it keeps her hands bizzy and then she doesn't snack.

4 - No it wouldn't be nice for mum to make me a small purple hat. I don't do human clothes. She has tried to put one on me, it doesn't last and no way she can put a hat on and take a picture. She might get a bitey for that.

So that is about it. Mum says she is off to the library soon to watch a moovie.


  1. I think it's very comforting for you to know that there's a large stack of gooshy foods in the cupboard - no risk of running out even if the weather turns bad all of a sudden. That lady in the shop doesn't understand nuffink!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Must be cat food stock up day today--our mom got food for us, too. We only get pate, though--Mom gets cross when we just lick the gravy and leave the meat when we get the other stuff.

  3. I wear hats all the time... but I can see why most kitties don't like it.

  4. MOL, we get asked how many cats we have too when we buy it in person.

  5. Always best to have plenty of food in store. I used to get lots of comments when I went shopping and got food for 11 cats! The trolley was full of cat food with our own piled on top.

  6. Best feeling in the world...a well stocked pantry of foods!

  7. Oh, no bities for hats. It only lasts a moment. That's what our Mom says. We don't believe her either. That's a goodly amount of food, perfect, we'd say!

  8. Ducky, aww, c'mon! You'd look adorbs in a hat!
    P.S. I'm at the library right now...yay, free wifi!


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