Thursday, September 27, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hi, Virginger here and welcome to Garden Thursday.  The summer has come to and end, the days are getting shorter.

We have a grape arbor, that normally mum just leaves along. It provides a screen between us and one of the neighbors. Mum doesn't worry about the grapes but this year someone asked about getting the grapes to make jelly. 

 Mum said fine and let her know that the grapes were getting all ripe and to come get them. But she couldn't get here and the fevvers, chippies ated them all gone!
Just one or two left when mum took the pictures. Her furiend said, oh well, maybe next year. 

The roofs have gotten all frosty here this past week a couple of times. Makes for good snuggling times to stay all warms. Soon it will get so frosty that the outside stuff will stopped growing. 

That is all for now. See you next week. 

Love, Virginger.


  1. FIrst!
    See....those chippys are not good for anything!

  2. We think it's rather nice that the birds and other critters in your garden enjoyed the grapes!

    The Chans

  3. Gol darn chippies!

    Mommy says she thinks that Green Bay got robbed...thank goodness the real refs will be BACK!

  4. The fevvers and chippies were getting all stocked up for the winter.

  5. The birdies and chippies sure had a feast!

  6. The grapes were sure making someone happy! Happy weekend!

  7. The grapes were sure making someone happy! Happy weekend!

  8. Mom went out to the garden( such as it is,heehee) and saw a daylily in bloom :o That is amazing as it usually is quite cool at the end of September! Though now it is raining and super windy and sorta warm here in Nova Scotia.
    Bet those birdies loved the grapes!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  9. Lovely garden you have there. Soon the fall will take over and another winter will follow. Oh no say it isn't so . . . sorry. Hope you are having a nice football weekend. I wanted to give you a head up ~ in your honor The Tabby Cat is going to have a special event on October 4 ~ Show Us Your Tocks. And I am wondering are you all tabbies? Looks like it to me. Sure would love to have you join the club if you are interested. The more the merrier.


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