Monday, October 1, 2012

ManCat Monday

Even the fattest cat looks graceful. - Author Unknown

We both are just about right sized so no fat cats here. We had a pretty good weekend. Mum was around, we got treats and snuggles. Plus mum went shopping and came home with this!

We had nice sunny weather, so we had open windows and lots of sunny spots to nap in. Mum cooked some chick-hen outside and we got a taste. 

Mum says this the last one out of the freezer for this year. Maybe mum will buy a few more. 

Oh yeah, don't forget it is Tocktober, time to show your 'tocks! Plus it is Derby's purrthday month, so keep showing our 

Feetsball Report

The Pack - well we were almost expecting the official refs were going to mess with us too. Some of the calls were not exactly correct, but they managed to beat them Saints by one point. 

Oh and mum found a funny picture after last Monday's game. We sort of agree!

The Broncos - the game was the same time as The Pack's so mum didn't see any of the game. They beat Oakland in pretty good fashion. Mr Peyton had a good game.


  1. Wow, thats a LOT of treats! We hope you get a lot of those.

  2. No fat cats here either! In fact, I am extra svelte, so I must be extra graceful!

  3. Happy Toctober to you! This is what I have been waiting since last Toctober. I love it so much I am hosting Show Me Your Tocks in honor of my dear friend, you! It will be help on October 4 at the Tabby Cat Club. I have a link at my blog if you want to check things out.
    Now I am not an expert in football but boy oh boy that one game with the *&^%$%^ refs, sorry for the language, one of the three blind mice could have made a better call than that one. Just glad that the strik is over. It is isn't it?

  4. Oh, would love to have both of you join up with the Tabby Cat Club if you are wanting too.

  5. Isn't this just the best month of all?

  6. My vet says greenies are really good for teeth, so pig out! Yea!

  7. You mean we need more tocks shots? I have to love October but I wish it would act like October. It's supposed to be 70 here today!

  8. I'm pretty fussy. No one knows why.
    So, I don't eat treats. I don't like catnip, either. I will eat premium dry cat food, but will only eat a tablespoon of Fancy Feast as a wet food treat. I must admit, those greenie treats look good. I might have to reassess my treat policy.

  9. Sounds like you guys had a pretty good weekend! We'll be working on our 'tocks pics.

  10. Great picture, that really sums it up!
    Mom hasn't gotten us Greenies for a long time!


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