Monday, October 8, 2012

ManCat Monday

Even the smallest, scruffiest cat has the capacity to look elegant. - Author Unknown
We had a quiet weekend, mum is all sniffy, sneezy, coughy and didn't do much. She napped lots too.

We spent some time watching the fevvers outside. Soon we will be back counting fevvers every weekend for Project Feeder Watch.

Hey Miss Virginger, you having a nice time outside these days? It is getting cool and nippy, but Miss V doesn't mind.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - well they losted. If the team that showed up in the first half, had stuck around to play the second half things might have been different. But the pack didn't have the luck this weekend.

The Broncos - They also losted to the guys named Pat, Miss Millie's team. Guess it wasn't our weekend for good feetsball result.

Oh well, we had to spend our energies purring on mum so she gets better. Nothing to spare for the feetsball teams.

Have a good week everyone.


  1. We sure hope your mom feels better soon too! Ours caught a nasty virus at the very beginning of September, and it's hung on for 4 - 5 weeks.

  2. We will purr hard for your Mom to feel lots better really soon.

  3. Maybe she will take a day or two off from her day hunting and stay home with you boys!

  4. Napping a lot is a good start toward feeling better. (We cats know that already.) You have been a fine influence on your mum.

  5. Oh dear! We hope your mum feels better soon. You two take care of her!

  6. Hope your lady feels better soon.

    I once participated in a bird count. I had to turn in a total tally of zero.

  7. Your poor person! She needs some cuddles & warm to make her feel better. :)

  8. We hope your Mum feels better soon. Colds are Not Fun.

  9. Watching fevvers is fun no matter what time of year! We hope your mum feels better soon.


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