Saturday, October 27, 2012

Caturday Questions

Well Miss Virginger got some questions from Garden Thursday and a few from earlier. So we figure all of us would answer them, with mum too.

Ayla, Iza, Marley and TBT mentioned that the bestest thing for leaves it to chew them up and leave them on the grass. Yep, mum says yes but we have so many leaves that they don't chew up well, then we have clumps of chewed up leaves that stay all winter. So we get rid of the worst of them by pushing them to the street. Then mum chews up the rest of them. Mum already did chew the the early fallers a few weeks ago. This is what has come down since Sunday, easy to chew up.

 Mr Black wanted to know what happens to the leaves. Do they just disappear, blow back in the yard or what. It is the "or what". Actually the people who run our little village we live in come around with equipment, load them a truck and takes them away to a big pile where they get composted. 

So when mum finished with cutting down all her flowers today, she hauled the stuff off to the compost place. You can see the big piles of leaves that get brought in from all over. 
 Mr Black also wanted to know about our  little play perch / sisal is. Well, mum bought it before she even had Derby. But Derby is so heavy when he jumped on the shelf he tipped it over. So he didn't mess with it for ages. Mum now has it next to the wall, it won't tip over and it gives us space to sit by the heaty spot too. So we can stretch on it, sit on it, whap the balls, hide in it.

Shaggy and Scout plus Patches too, wanted to know if Virginger is getting cold outside. Yeah, it is getting a bit nippy. Mum will get her back into the metal monster room for the winter real soon. Although sometimes she does go out in the snow!


  1. It is good that your village collects the leaves. We don't get ours collected so mum gathers them all into a big heap and puts some around the heathers, and dad takes the rest to our horse poop mountain to compost. We try to jump in them and scatter them before he takes them.

  2. It's good that your leaves get composted! Mommy loves the smell of burning leaves, but it's just TOO smelly after the first whiff.

  3. Hey, thanks for answering my questions! I never expect anybody to ever answer them, 'cause I ask so many of them.

    I really like that whole perch/sisal thing. It looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Our dad-guy chews up our leaves but there are so many that some gather around the bushes and plants in our yard. It's nice that your village takes the leaves away.

  5. Well our leaves are missing...did your guys come take them?

  6. Well, TBT has this mower he just SITS on, so he loves riding around until there arent no leafs left at all.

    But WE unnerstand thats not the easiest thing ta do.

  7. When mum was a schoolgirl they lived across the road from a couple who LOVED their garden. He mowed his lawn every day, even in the rain.

    When it was autumn, he used to climb the ladder and pull down the leaves one at a time. They also used to rake the leaves that had blown over from our large garden, and sneak them back over to our lawn.

    What a good council you have picking up the leaves and composting them.

  8. Virginger I went out in the snow once. I jumped off the side of the front steps and I sunk down all the way to my neck. Mom thought it was hilarious, but she pulled me out. No more of that!

  9. Hi Boys! You're looking tip-top these days, Verginger too.

    Sometimes the Human feels sad that she does not have a yard, only cement sidewalk, but then she thinks, Boy, yards are a LOT of work! So everything has its upside ;-)


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