Thursday, October 25, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hello Virginger here. Yeah I skipped last week, not much going on in the garden. Mum did get the leaves all pushed out to the street and off the grass on Sunday. This AM she took a picture, it was a bit foggy!

Most of the leaves are now off the trees, mum is hoping for wind so the rest come down and she can finish.
It is sort of hard to see but mum can see that there is a broken branch high up in the tree. Maybe some wind will help bring it down.
There is the break!
What leaves have come down since Sunday. Not many more.

Plus the past week or so has been all sorts of rainy! Which is good since we didn't get much rain over the past summer. Mum says nearly four inches of rain in the past two weeks and it may rain some more in the next day.

We had a nice day on Wednesday, all warms, so mum cooked the last burger she had in the cold box as well.

Plus someone came walking by with mum favorite type of woofie, German Shorthaired Pointer. Two of them, one is good and walks ahead without being on a lead, the other one needs to stay on a lead. Mum said if she didn't have to work so much she would get a woofie. Yikes, hope the boys don't hear about this!

Plus it was so nice mum opened up the windows when she came home. But I don't see any mancats in the windows! I wonder where they are?

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by.

Love, Virginger.


  1. We've had plenty of strong wind here in Oklahoma. We'll try to blow it your way! Happy Thursday, furriends.

  2. We had a lovelu unseasonal mild day the other day. It was pawsome to get out and spens it in the garden.

    The Paw Relations

  3. Yeah... the leaf thing is goin' on here, too. I'm gonna play in them this afternoon, I think. purrs

  4. We still have about 60% green here. We should be getting a good dose of cool weather any minute, too.

  5. What happens to the piles of leaves in the street? Do they blow away? Does someone come and get them? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. We have had fog here every day too since we got out of lock up, but at least it is not raining.

  7. Somebody stole all of our leaves too!

  8. Since its a Garden Thursday, we will caustously mention that the best thing ta do with leaves is to (according to TBT) mow them to shreds on the lawn and let them feed the grass and trees. Unlijke US, the best food fer grass and trees is THEMSELFS!

  9. Our trees are gonna be nekked soon too. That burger looks tasty. We hope you got a little taste.

  10. Aren't you getting a mite chilly out there Virginger?

  11. Looks like it's time to snuggle up over there. Those windows just look wrong without kitties sitting in them. Purrs...

  12. YOu two be careful with all that cold; we're glad we live in the tropics! Oh wait, it's monsoon time. Rats.


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