Thursday, October 11, 2012

Garden Thursday


Welcome, the garden is getting ready for winter. Not that mum has done anything, but the cooler nights, a bit of frost has made things stop blooming and all.
The flowers in the front boxes, still a few blooms but beginning to die back. Mum will clean these out some day soon. 
Me outside with mum two weekends ago. Nice and sunny, warmish so she could spend some time outside with me and check stuff. This was before she got all sick. 
 We are seeing more fevvers coming for foods, picking away at the suet block. We saw our first junco on Tuesday, that is a fevver that goes up to the Arctic for the summer and spends its winters down here. Most of our summer guys have been gone for over a month.
See anything strange here? Just something where you wouldn't expect it? No mum keeps shovels and brooms outside by the patio to clean up. Even the little step stool so she can reach stuff. No it was something those silly sqwerls did!
They put this big fat green seed on the opening of the shovel handle. Is this a thing of hide your nuts in plain sight?

That is it for now. Thanks for stopping.

Love, Virginger


  1. We are sending healing purrs to your Mom. Hope she feels better. Thanks for the garden tour.

  2. I hope she gets better so you can get the last of the garden stuff before it gets too cold.

  3. HaHaMeow on that nut! Those crazy squirrels!

  4. tell yur mum a nice slice oh trout rite across her forehead will stop thoze sneezes rite away...knot ta menshun, her will have a handy snak close by in case her gets hungree !!! yur garden rocks !!!

  5. You seem a little stiff in those outside photos. Loosen up a bit!

    Those squirrels might be sending a message. I'd use caution if I were you. They might try to make you an offer you can't refuse.

  6. You have very silly squirrels at your house!

  7. We've seen the squirrels bury their nuts in the strangest places too!

  8. Hope mum is feeling a bit better today!

    Better not get Spitty hot under the collar about hiding nuts!

  9. It is sad ta see the garden going away fer the Winter, isnt it? We loved the silly skwerl nut-hiding spot!


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