Thursday, October 4, 2012

Garden Thursday



Oh Hi everyone, its Virginger and yes we way overslept! All of us have been napping lots. Must be the weather, it is supposed to get furry cold here this weekend.

So it is later, it is still Thursday and time to show you what is left out in the garden.

The impatients looking sad, Mr Frosty has been around a few weeks ago and so not much blooming or growing now.
The sedums turn nice and pink during the fall, something with a bit of color to brighten things up.

The little rose bush, showing us its hips, yep, I guess roses have hips too. 
Our little ash tree out in front of the house, all bright yellow just a few days ago. Today it was all windy, so lots of leaves came down. 
The little Alberta spruce showing some of the burn it got this summer from the hots and no rain. Mum doesn't think this will grow back to green, and if she cuts it out, then there will be a big hole.
The maple tree in the back looking through the leaves towards the sun. Nice pretty red color.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Time to back and snooze.

Love, Virginger


  1. Beauitful garden shots! We love your blog:) Thanks for your comment on our postie!!!
    Sherlock ,Ash and Traveler

  2. Thanks fur the tour. You still have sum nice color. Have a great weekend, furriends. xoxo

  3. We too are going into the cold today. Arghhhh! Mom doesn't like the cold. She could have summer 12 months long and it wouldn't bother her one bit. Nice that your flowers are still hanging in there and hope they have their little coats handy.
    I was so glad that you two want to join The Tabby Cat Club. I will need you to email me photos of you two, make sure your name is on the photo so I don't mix you up, your blog link, human's name (kept private) birthday and gotcha days. Also, your human must be 14 years old or older. Mom will make an official badge and you will be invited to be an author at the blog. That way you may post whenever you want and participate in our events. Will be on the lookout for your email. Oh, my email address is

  4. You have lovely fall colours! There's not much happening in our garden now, and the maples in our neighbourhood are starting to turn their glorious red. How quickly this year has passed!

  5. Fall gardens are just the best...such beautiful colors!

    xoxo Jonesie

  6. Thanks for the tour! Here's hoping it doesn't get too cold too quickly!

    the sedum have been really lovely here too!

    The Chans

  7. Sounds like you've had crazy weather this year like we've had in Colorado. On Wednesday, it went from 80 to 40 in a few hours. I'm staying inside and napping in my cozy places!
    Flash, Feline Extraordinaire

  8. Just to let you know we haven't forgotten you, although we haven't commented lately.
    We even gaved you an award.

  9. Thanks fer the tour, guys! Its too bad Jack Frost came and killed some of the flowers, but ya got lots of nice colors left too.


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