Thursday, September 13, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday. The weather guesser says it will be a cool and rainy day today. We shall see.

Two weeks ago we had a comment from NNM which is below.

NNM said...
These are beautiful flowers! I'm starting building up my own garden, it's hard work. Do you know any plants that need low maintenance?

On a side note, whilst I was researching garden tips, I came upon these garden cruises I didn't know such thing existed!

NNM, since you don't appear to have a bloggy that we could comment on, here is our reply.

Well , NNM, yes starting a garden is hard work. Mum had this all going before Derby and I arrived. Of course now we snoopervise her to make sure she works on things. She does get lazy.

Low maintenance plants, may we suggest purrenials and other native plants to your area of the world, since we don't know where you are. They usually take a bit less work, although weeds have to be controlled, fall and spring cleanups are needed. But often you don't have to water a great deal once the plants are established.

Garden cruises? I supposed they have a cruise for most any topic with getting speakers or do you cruise, get off and see fancy gardens someplace? Hope this helps you NNM.

So on to what we see around the garden these days. Below are two pictures of the Chinese Lantern plant with the unripe seed pods. Last year something ate these all to the ground before they ripened so waiting to see what happens this year.

Our little maple tree in the back, did OK for the dry summer but not very green, but if you look at the center of the picture, you see a bit of red.
Yep, the leaves are starting to slowly turn. Might be a poor year for fall color with the drought. Some trees we see are just dropping leaves and not turning neat colors first.
The cone flowers, these pictures were taken last week and now all the flowers are gone, just the seed heads left and the goldy finches are eating those up pretty quick too.

The last few blooms on the trumpet vine.This is where we see lots of hummer birds coming to get some foods. They should be heading south pretty soon, but we did see one late last week.
Guess that is all for this week everyone. Tonight we will sit with mum and watch the Packers and Bears play feetsball. I will nap, I don't care.

Love, Virginger.


  1. The tree's are starting to change colour slowly here too. We bet the Maple tree will look amazing in a few weeks :)xx

  2. Derby and Ducky, thank you for your condolences for Olivia. We appreciate your kind words during this sad time in our life.

    William, Caroline, Russell, Gracie, and our mom.

  3. Yep, the plants are starting to wind down. Our mom has begun doing some fall cleaning already.

  4. The petunias are getting "leggy" and really look quite ratty. They are about to get pitched out. On a better note, our geraniums are blooming again.

  5. they say that fall will be here sooner than usual this year 'acause of our drought

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