Monday, September 17, 2012

Mini ManCat Monday

Is there any animal that can move with such stealth and silent grace as a cat? - Author Unknown

HiYa Ducky here. Well I have continued to play with the duckies I got from Laila and Minchie. They are just the right sized to whap around. 

Mum on the other paw didn't whap things around but did move some furniture around. Says she needs to get rid of the excess stuff that has been here for two years. 

Moved one piece and found all of our furs on the long drapes by the big windows that went to the floor. She removed all of our furs from this. Oh well, tomorrow we start putting them back.
She moved this piece over here by the fevver watching chair. Says she didn't want to lose the storage in the bottom. So she has more room for her fevver books, fancy flashy box and all.
She move from that spot this thingy, says it holds an old sewing machine that used to be her mum's. Our mum never uses it, it was there to hold up the lamp and all. 
That opening up this space to put the fake plant back, and she can get at the big rug cleaner and the electrical outlets. 
Mum didn't watch feetsball during the day, it was too nice and she was outside, but did at night and worked on the new blankie. The new mum says she wanted green.
We hung out in the open window enjoying all the fresh airs!

Feetball Report. 

The Pack - well they won last week like we reported earlier, beating down Da Bears. 

Broncos - Mr Payton doesn't play until Monday night. That means mum will have more time to work on the blankie.

Thanks it is for now. Happy week everyone.


  1. Wow, your mummy has been very busy this weekend. Now you have to be busy and start putting those hairs back. A kitty's work is never done :)xx

  2. Isn't it nice being a kitty and leaving all the grunt work to the humans?

  3. If you need help furring up those curtains again, we can teleport over and be there in a flash! Say hi to your duckies for us!

  4. Isn't it fun when your Mum discovers all your hidden furs?

  5. We think you got the best part of the weekend!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Wow all your work on those curtains!
    She did a good job. Our mom is newly fired up to start sorting through her crap..err....clutter. Seems when the house is messy her mind is all messy & cluttered too.
    Did you notice grandpa Brett is still retired?

  7. Doesn't your mum know how hard you worked getting those curtains all furred up?

  8. We hope you guys snooervised your mom with all that work she did!!

  9. Your mum made progress! When mine starts moving stuff, it generally turns out to be a great big circle with everything back where it was.


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