Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Prez Needs a Cat

See that little four legged creature in front of the podium? Yep, the White House needs our help kitties! Let's go! Biggify the picture if you need to or go to the real story.

I know Ayla and Iza would be happy to get there quickly, they are good hunters and live close!

In other weekend news, mum did more pots and plants last night.
Getting the stuff sorted out for what goes in each planter, plus what you don't see is the plants she had left from the other night.
Two fancy pots by each side of the metal monster room door. She was going to by the cheap geraniums, then she saw these and decided to go all out. Bought the spikey things and all.
Two more hanging baskets with pet-unias in them but no flowers yet.
Another pot of impatience, plus another one that went in the back she didn't take a picture of, and now she needs to go plant the purr-ennials she bought. But she better get dressed first, she would look funny planting in her PJ's!


  1. Haha! We saw that photo in our noospaper today as well. We would offer to teleport over and catch it but we have to check out the mouse population in our fields first.
    Our mum has to get rid of all the weeds that grew like Triffids while they were on holiday before she can plant any flowers.

  2. I didn't see the mouse ... don't know what I've been up too.

    I was supposed to go buy plants for my two barrels and my two hanging baskets but I didn't.

    It's been rainy all week and is today. I thought ... maybe tomorrow if it clears up.

    What is the spikey thing? Does it flower or is it just for looks ?

  3. we would love to, and we know the first daughters would love us too! all girls do! but sis would surely be a terror for the secret service MOL


  4. I could get there! I know that I have what it takes to be in the White House. As an added bonus, i could advise him on important issues.

  5. Great idea about the President and a cat! Yes, Bo the dog is nice and all, but he's a DOG. A cat could not only catch mice, but could sit on the President's lap and purr at the end of the day, attend cabinet meetings, claw up the furniture in the Lincoln bedroom, etc. BTW, our female can only grow succulents so kudos to your mom.

  6. The White House needs a few Official Mouser Cats. They could be adopted from a shelter and set a good example for all!

  7. We agree, that place needs some feline advisors!!!

  8. Yes, we agree, everyone NEEDS cats!...We hope your Mommy can get some rest this weekend, she sure has been working hard in the yard all week...Happy Saturday friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. I agree! He does need a kitty!

  10. Haha!! Yes, the White House needs a cat!!!

    Our mom is doing pots too! We wanted to help, but she wouldn't let us.

  11. Yeah, WE would nefer haf let that ratty get in the President's photo-op!

    So, we are on the project. The Prez needs a White House kitty. Watch our blog fer details...

  12. Ayla, Iza - pack your bags. You need to go NOW! This is a matter of national security! The heli will be in 15 minutes, touch down.

    Your mom is doing a great job with plants. Our mom is only good with weeds... sigh


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