Thursday, May 27, 2010

This and That

OK, so I got scolded by the lady. She still loves me and unlike Derby, I don't go yakking up all over the place which mum has to clear up. So there.

Stuff that happened during the past week that we haven't talked about. I am sitting in the window as I had been snoopervising the lady doing stuff outside. I can do a good job snoopervising, the outside looks good.
Our hummer birds are back. The lady has no pictures but we saw them zipping around the feeder.

Tuesday night / early Wednesday AM, we had bandits. Two very large bandits. We were both in the sleepy room window making noises. The lady got out of bed and looked out too and noticed a dark figure in the back yard. She wented and turned on the lights and then we could clearly see two raccoons raiding the Oriole feeder of its jelly! It has been knocked down alot and now we have proof. The lady has moved the feeder slightly to put it farther out on the tree branch which might not support the raccoons weight. The feeder has stayed up since the lady moved it.

The flowers that the lady planted last weekend are doing OK. No new pictures right now but we do have pictures of other flowers.
The pee-o-knees are opening. The white one is the first to openup.
The allium near the pee-o-knee.
Alien head flowers, oh the lady say these are the poppies and the flower hasn't opened yet.
The red pee-o-knee getting ready to open.
The roses opening up too, cute little pink flowers.

Happy weekend, plus we get an extra day with the lady this weekend.


  1. You know I am glad that you are back in good graces. I avoid scolding mostly--but I am not sure the Woman would ever scold really... The Male,now him I am not certain about.

  2. You deserved your scolding, Ducky, but I am glad that everything is OK again. The flowers are gorgeous.

  3. Pretty flowers - my Mom loves pee-o-knees!

    Those pesky racoons, trying to steal from the birds. How rude!

    Thanks for reminding us about the hummers. We would usually have food out by now to attract them, but with my folks having been away, they have not put it out yet. We have a couple of feeders that use small test tubes, which are nice because they can be freshened up each day, and we can see how much the birds are drinking.

    Be good now, Ducky!

  4. Bandits!!! Maybe the bandits chewed on the curtain ties.

  5. Pretty flowers and it's a good thing you guys alerted Mom to the intruders; now she can try to fix the problem=hope it works!...You are still your Mommy's sweet, adorable boy, Ducky=we all get in trouble every now and then...Kisses to you and Derby...Happy weekend handsome boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. we didn't think that your the mom could be mad at you for long. our is never mad at us for long - mainly 'acuase she can't 'amember stuff from one minute to the next and forgets things quick. which is a good thing.

    happy friday!

  7. We're sure your mama wasn't really that mad at you--if she puts things in a kitty's reach, then she should expect that! Such lovely flowers!

  8. Ducky, we are glad to hear you are back in your Mom's good book. You know, Mommy's can never stay mad for long!
    The Pee-o-knees are lovely!
    We have a good hummer-bird picture on our post today. Daddy feeds the hummers and he takes pictures.

  9. Sorry you got scolded Ducky!
    We had a huge raccoon on our deck a few weeks ago for a couple nights but he hasn't been back. He found kibble mom left for Zolie, but mom has been careful to remember to bring it in now.

  10. Your pee-o-knees are pretty. Our garden is full of weeds and mum is busy trying to get rid of them all so she can put her flowers in. She said the weeds grew like triffids, but it is her fault for deserting us for so long. We have never seen bandits in our garden.

  11. Love the flowers. Glad you are back in favour, but your mum wont ever stay mad for long.. Hugs GJ x

  12. We love peonies! Looks like yours are growing nicely! Allium is pretty too, we had one growing wild in the woods next door. You had 2 large raccoons! Eeek

  13. Great garden tour (and raccoon report)!

    We haf entirely differnt flowers. But we love yours... We might try THEM next year.

  14. Racoon Bandits!! How exciting!

  15. Fanks for da pretty flower pics. We wuz wondering what da big purple ball flowers name wuz - Allium. Dat's great. We only has two. Da peoples from before planted dem. We like yur alien heads too! Schmaybe a baby kitty will pop owt of dare?

  16. Hi Ducky, sorry we haven't to visit again sooner!! Your flowers are very beautiful!
    Racoons are not good!!! They eat everything.
    Purrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

  17. Pee-o-knees? Better than pee-o-queens! Ha ha ha ha!

    You got me all scared there for a moment with your story, Ducky! I thought you meant like human bandits! They are way worse that raccoon bandits!

  18. Quite a busy week at your house, Ducky!! Lots of pretty flowers!!

  19. Pee-o-knee - heeheeeeee!

    Being so cute, I can't imagine you would be in the bad books for long.


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