Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alaxing Saturday

It has been a nice quiet day here. Mum did a little shopping in the morning buying herself a few new springy clothes.

Spring is really coming, we can see the grass in front of the house again! It has been hiding for the longest time. Mum says she should put the springy wreath up on the door! Just do it mum.
Then mum looked in front of the house and she saw that the tulips are starting to push their way up from the warmth of the house.
This is the big pile of snow in the back of the house is getting smaller but this is the last bit of snow that disappears each year as it doesn't get much sun on it. Mum says it is half as high as it used to be a few weeks ago.
Grampie gets a little better each day. Mum calls him every morning and evening to check on him, but he says he is feeling more normal. So thanks to all who purred for him.


  1. We can't wait to see all yur fleurs in da squillion fleur boxes you has. It must be beeeuteous. We am so happy yur Grampie is getting better too. Give him some head bumps and purrs from us.

  2. wow derby i love all dat snoows.

  3. What a peaceful neighborhood you live in!

    It's weird that you have snow and we already have flowers coming up. Soon it'll be open window time!!

  4. Go snow!
    Snow, go!
    Yeah yo, snow!
    Flee fly, flow!

  5. Tulips are furry lovely. I cannot wait to see yours!

    The fact that your Grampie is gettin' better is EXCELLENT news! Yay!


  6. Crikey - look at your snow and we got a heat wave with two fans on us and sipping iced drinks!

    We got those spammers on three of our blogs, drat it. We had to put the little letters on them, like you have.

    We will wait a week, then take the little letters off. It's the same people, they are on Tigger the FBI Cat and topcatrules and the Marcelle's Memories blogs.

    They need to have the bitey put on them, those spammers.

    Oh, and Mom found them on both of the boy's blogs too. *sigh*

  7. Spring, Spring !!!!!!!!!

    I love that I get a preview from you at what is in store for us soon.

    It helps keep my spirits up!


  8. We are waiting for spring too. We aer sending healing purrs to your grampie.

  9. Derby, I did not know until now that you are a politician and are running for prez with Chey! Way to go.

  10. Here's hoping that there is no more snow for us!

  11. I am glad that your Grandpa continues to get better. And that the snow is leaving. This is shaping up to be a very good spring for you!

  12. We're very glad to hear your Grampie is better. We love our Grampy very much and we wouldn't like it if he was feeling icky. Spring is definitely on it's way!

  13. Purrs for gramppie and glad he is feeling better.. meow...but all that snow...nots fur me... :( me likes the ocean.. :) meow...


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