Saturday, August 9, 2014


It is about time mum let us post today. She has been bizzy with her own stuff. Pfft, what is more important than us! Mum did lots outside, pruning the trees in back, hauling the stuff off, then resting outside reading her book. It was a nice day, gentle breezes and she says no squitos to bother her.

We did lots of napping today and we both wanted to nap on the pod in the nice sun beams.

Sorry, not giving up the spot! Go find your own spot to nap, squirt!

Mum is getting ready to watch The Pack in preseason. She doesn't expect much tonight. 

Happy weekend.


  1. Ducky sure gave it a good try!

    Mommy is STOKED that football season is here...

  2. I guess that pod is only one kitty at a time!

  3. There is nothing more impawtant than us kittehz! MOL!

    Happy easy Sunday, boys.

  4. It's good to be king, Derby!

  5. Guess dat are a one-kitty only pod.

  6. Derby - I think if you'd squeezed over just a little, Ducky would have been able to fit in the pod with you - and helped keep you warm!

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Good for you standing your ground Derbs! Scout always wants to take my circle bed...he forces himself in beside me then forces me out! -Shaggy


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