Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday This and That

Yay, mum is home this evening. So lots of time to cuddle and such. She brought home two big containers of chick-hen that she can cook later. Yummy chick-hen, all nicely parceled out and in the freezer.
Ok, now inquiring minds, that means Miss Megan, wanted to know why mum got to do the interviews. Well, she was just one of 6 people, she is the chair purrson of the budget and purrsonel committee. So they were all there, they asked questions, the purrsons asked them questions. Somehow they figured out which one they wanted. Yep, the got it all done on one day. Now the lucky purrson gets a background check and a druggie test.

So mum is tired tonight, say she needs sleeps. But she also said she has to get moving more, so went for nice walk after getting home. Not long, but sunshine and fresh air, she said they were good for her.


  1. We hope your mom shares a little chicken with you, Ducky.

  2. A walk after work is nice. Maybe next time you'll accompany her?

  3. I hope you get some of that chicken, Ducky!

  4. Great pic of you today, Ducky. And thank you for the additional information about your mum's involvement in choosing the purrsonel - I guess my next question is: How did you mum get to be the Chair of the budget and purrsonel committee. Is it something she had to be elected to do? Or is she a volunteer?

    Sydney, Australia

  5. #1 and Tommy keep saying how wonderful it is that it is now light until past 8pm, and so they can go for their walks much later!

    Take good care of your Mom, Ducky!

    The Chans

  6. dood....all that fresh air & sunshine waz oh noe uze; if herz gonna cook up that burd ~~~~ just sayin ♥♥♥

  7. We hope you got some chicken, Ducky. A nice evening walk is a great way to relax.Purrs

  8. Hope you can get some of that chick-hen, Ducky. My mum brought home KFC with her tonight when she went shopping. I don't often like people food but I did eat a bit of it.

  9. We hope the new person doesnt have to have the temperature probe done. Thats allus an annoyin part of times WE go annywhere!


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