Thursday, May 27, 2021

Puzzle Garden Thursday

 Well, the girls are staying in, but me and mum will show you some of our flowers! Fleur said she might come out soon.

It got all warm on Monday into Wednesday, then boom it got all cool again. Will be cooler and rainy for a couple of days. Mum is out working on getting the grass eater over the grass. Again. Has to finish the back today. 

Puzzles are flowers and me!

preview90piecerosebud preview90piecepinky preview99pieceduckypose


  1. One of the most exquisite pics that I think we've even seen of you Ducky. A true masterpiece.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Yes, the bottom fell out of the temperatures, didn't it?
    Thanks for the puzzles...will get at them soon.

  3. dood...bak ta 55 two morrow heer...tell de gurlz they may az well N joy sum mor hibernationz !!

    de flowerz bee awesum dood and ewe yur self iz lookin most lee kewl foto buddy :)


  4. Beautiful blooms. Thank you for the puzzles.

  5. Those are such pretty flowers and you look so in thought Ducky!

  6. Your Mom sure does some really fine flower work Ducky. You look grand this week

  7. That is a lovely photo of you, Ducky. The weather is improving from later in the day tomorrow so hopefully I can get the rest of my summer bedding planted out. Once that is done the garden cats who spend the winter in the kitchen window can go out and join the others. Thanks for the puzzles.


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