Saturday, November 27, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Hope all my Mericky furiends are enjoying the long holly-day weekend. 

Mum went off to spend the day and overnight with her furiends. First time since 2018 that she has been. Three whole years ago! Two years ago she broked her ankle and didn't feel comfortable going that far from home. Last year we were all on stay home and be safe stuff. 

 Look at these beauty-ful birds! Done to purr-fection. Nope, no turkey here, these are ducks! Not me, not a Ducky. Nice and tasty. Even a very short moovie of those birds.

Before dinner started they had the official popping of the corks. Mum brought the stuff in the darker bottle and that cork flew the farthest! Mum said they polished off a lot of wine during dinner.

Lots of good foods to eat, lots to talk about. Mum was happy to see some of these people since she hadn't seen some of them for three years. A chance to talk and catch up. She also met a new woofie named Loki. A little fluff ball of a dog, a Pomeranian, mum said. He didn't bark much but he did want to jump at peoples legs. 

Mum fed me a nice feast afore she left. Gave me cuddles and kisses and said to guard the house good while she was gone. When she got home the house was still here so I guess I did a good job. Mum also did not bring leftovers for me, but she said they didn't eat it all either. Stuff for her furiends to eat over the weekend.

Plus me helping mum with the latest blankie, she is making good progress. More will get done during the feetball during the weekend. Plus mum is reading books as usual. 

So, that my furiends it my Caturday report. Have a grate rest of the weekend.


  1. Those ducks look delicious! I don't like turkey or even chicken very much, but I do love duck.

  2. I'm glad your Mom had a good time Ducky, she deserves it!

  3. Our pandemic numbers are so high, that we stayed home for the holiday.
    Maybe next year!

  4. No leftovers for you? That's disappointing. I hope your mum is gonna spoil you all week to make up for it.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. I’m glad your mum had a good time with her friends and ate well. But she should have brought you some of that duck. ~Ernie

  6. It sounds like your human had a great Thanksgiving! But she should have brought home some duck for you!

  7. Looks like mom had a good time and you did the bestest job of looking after your palace.


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