Monday, March 28, 2022

Mini-ManCat Monday

Cat food manufacturers haven't yet cottoned on to the fact that what cats really like is bolognaise sauce, cheese, ice-cream, potato crisps and anything Cordon Bleu.

Good old Derby loved anything with tomato sauce.  I like cheese, ice scream, frenchy fries, popcorn and all things meat. 

Me and mum had a good weekend. Mum spent most of it at home with me, doing chores, reading a book and crowshay, oh and watching the moving picture box. 

She flipped back and forth between the crashcar race and the basket ball stuff. Sadly the Peacocks did not get to move on, but they had a good run.

Plus you can see the latest blankie mum is working on. All sorts of bright colors. Plus I helped mum watched fevvers this weekend. We had lots of big and black birds come by to visit. 

 At least we had sun on Sunday, otherwise the week was gloomy and rainy. Plus it has been cold, so our new flowers haven't decided to open up yet.Even though it is cool we see more plants coming up out of the ground.

Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Those are pretty colours for the blankie. We had a cat who loved the tomato sauce from tinned sardines. He wouldn't eat any other tomato sauce and he wouldn't eat the sardines.
    That was a lot of birds! I thought they were crows at first but then I could see some had a white marking on their wings.

  2. Say, Ducky, think you can sneak me a serving or two of each of those things? That blankie sure is made of some pretty, bright colors. My mom's been working hard on her crowshaying, too, though she's still just practicing since it's a new hobby for her. You have yourselves a great week, too!

  3. The Hubby was glued to the TV to watch NCAA basketball, while I chose to lounge with Da Boyz on the futon, and Sweetie upstairs on the bed.
    When I'm listening to really good books on audio, it's a terrific multi-task.

  4. We liked the Peacocks too but now it's down to the same old same old teams so we're done watching. Cool Bird-TV Ducky!

  5. Scientists say that cats can't taste "sweet" but we aren't so sure. My kitties like ice cream too.

  6. I like that you sit with your mum and watch TV, Ducky. That blanket has some cool colors, too. ~Ernie


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