Friday, September 1, 2006

TGIF-Thank God I'm Feline

Yay, we made it to the weekend and mum says Monday is a hollyday, so she won't have to go to work. So time to stay home and play with me.

Questions about the Cool Claws, mum would guess that the 'flavor' is vanilla. But it is made of mostly whey(mum says that comes from making cheese) and eggs. Here is what a website said about the product. I guess just ask your local stores about it.

First there was Frosty Paws for canines. But why should dogs have all the fun? Now there is Cool Claws for felines. Developed by an animal nutritionist and promoted as "better than ice cream ... for cats," the frozen Cool Claws are being distributed in North America by Cool Claws Company of Amlin, Ohio. The frozen treat is fortified with vitamins and minerals. Ingredients include dried whey, whole egg, chicken fat and carrageenin. Eight .75 fluid ounce cups come per box, which retails for $2.99.

Mum said she paid $3.39 and she isn't sure if she will buy it again. The occasional times she lets me have her left over ice cream is probably just as good. Not enough to give me issues with the stuff.

It was a good day and mum gave me some of the Sheba dinner I got from the Meezers. So I had lobster for dinner. Mum just had a salad. I think I had the better dinner.


  1. you sure did haf a better dinner! SALAD? is yur momma a bunny?

  2. Man...I want some ice cream...!

  3. yup, you won in the dinner department. lobster is our Mommy's favorite food in the world. now we know what to get her for her birthday!!

    we showed the cool claws pictures to our Daddy, and he just rolled his eyes. he said he doesn't care how "cool" the product is, he can buy 5 quarts of ice cream for about a dollar more than that, and we can all enjoys lickins for a coupla weeks. so i don't guess we're gettin' any cool claws.

    we prolly don't get as much ice cream in that time as you do with a package of cool claws, but it's spread out over a longer period. i think that the beans think that we think we're gettin' more! beans is pretty crafty, sometimes. it took us a while to cipher that out, but we figure if we let them feel like they're getting away with it, they'll be happy. and we like it when they're happy!

    thanks for your kind opinion on our bloggie (there's a couple of new pix up now), and for caring about us--we will be sure to mention any long-term absences in advance, g*d willing we know about them ahead of time.

    purrs from your furrend, xingxing

  4. That sounds a bit steep for some ice cream. I think I agree with your human lady pet. Having some of her's might be better than buying something like Cool Claws.

  5. Well at least you know yur not lactose intolerant or else you wouldn't be able to eat all that whey. It's evil stuff for lactose intolerant kitties and peoples. I fink we'll stick wif little licks of regular ice cream. Hmmmm, it's a holiday weekend and a good excuse fur somefin yummy.

  6. We don't fink we'd like that Cool Paws cos we don't like ise creem. Mum tried to giv us some once,but we wouldn't eat it, so she put it on our paws. Yuk!!! We fawt we was being poyzunned.Our dad like lobster but we's nefurr had it.

  7. Interesting. Wonder if I can find that up here. I tried special package of kitty milk but that didn't go through so well...


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