Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Party Update

According to the Purrthday list that Ms. Mia has put together the following kitties have either their purrthday or gotcha day in October. I will be hosting a weekend celebration for all of us and our blogging buddies.

The following are the blogging buddies that I know have either purrthday or gotcha days in October.

Tyler and Jagger
Fat Eric
Victor Tabbycat
Beau Beau

If you are an October kittie, please let me know so that you gets honored at the dinner.

Tentative Activities

Friday Oct 20 -
Kick off, kitties can start arriving early afternoon my time. Meet and greet with buffet supper. Tours of the house including the dungeon.

Saturday Oct 21 -
Morning-Pre-season tub hockey games, cheer practice clinic
Afternoon - games outside, jumping, running etc. Mum says we can use the neighbors trampoline too. Or just hanging out with our furiends.
Evening - a banquet to honor all of the October kitties with purrthdays or gotcha days.

Sunday Oct 22 - buffet breakfast, kitties can teleport home as needed. Otherwise, just a general time to visit.

All kitties are welcome to stay the entire weekend or just drop in for part of the event. I know that not everyone will be able to come for the entire weekend.

But if the international kitties want to work out the time. Try this
link mum uses this all the time at work to figure out what time it is around the world. Where we live in the Central Time Zone in the United States.

Mum says that we are considered to be -6 hours of GMT, whatever that is, but that some kitties might recognized this. An example is if it is 6 PM here, it would be 7 AM in Singapore where Bombay lives.

All kitties will be welcomed to attend the party. The October kitties will be the guest of honor if your Gotcha Day or Purrthday is in October. But all kitties are welcomes to attend.


  1. Sure does sound like a buncha fun!

    Can you believe outta all of us here @ The Kitty Cat's Corner - not a one have a birfday in October!

    Well just thought we'd stop by an say Hi - so "HI"

    Purrs - The Kitty Cat's Corner cats

  2. Thanks for the invite - Mommakitty says it looks like some good clean fun!

    Come visit us for our caption contest!

  3. WoW! We stopped by to invite you to our party and found out you were having one too! What fun! Our mom will be in the States in October so I don't see why we can't sneak over for a visit!

    Be sure to come to our party in Italy tomorrow! Check out our blog for details!
    Opus and ros
    ps. how did the colts do?

  4. we can hardly wait! Miles is so 'acited about a party that he's spinning around on his tippy toes. - Sammy

  5. Yayyyyy! A gotcha party! It doesn't seem like its been a year yet but it was a long one for mine Mommy wif me gettin' into all kinds of trouble. I am gettin' to be a big boy now so I am a little calmed down. But I will haf lots of fun at the party!
    Beau Beau

  6. Derby, you are so nice to host an October purrthday party!

  7. OH wow this is gonna be some fan-task-tic blast!


  8. Yay! Only a month till my purrthday. My mum is going away from Oct 22-25 but that is OK as I will still be able to come to the party and she will be back in time for my purrthday on the 26th!

  9. whoohoo! sounds like fun!!! an quite well planned too!

  10. Our beans are in Mericky furr October so we will be locked up, but we will try an teleport ofurr wivout enny one knowing.

  11. Wow - that is one heck of a week-end ya got planned there, Derby! Are you a profushional party planner? Maybe you could have a career in that . . .

    You asked why Meep got a lion-cut; it's 'cause he doesn't bathe himself. Seriously, the little kid never washes. Sometimes it's so bad that I (Buzz) try to lick him clean. Jim and the girl try to give him baths and brush him, but he just keeps gettin' mats and other gross stuff. The vet said this is the healthiest thing they can do for him - crazy little cat!

  12. Owr ladie is an ocktobur lady but we aren't ocktobur kitty cats. What a grate idea to have a PARTY!!! We luv thoses!

  13. My 1 year gotchaday is 10/29. Momma FINKS I wuz 2-weeks-old when I wuz found so maybe my birfday is 10/15 but she'z not sure.


  14. I was born in July, but was adopted in gotcha month.

    Gosh, we'd love to come to your party since we're so close, but our Mom & Dad will be visiting our Sister B's new house on October 21. Maybe we could just teleport over instead of blogging with everyone.


  15. Thanks for thinking of me -- my Gotcha Day is October 11, 2004 and I've love to come to the party! It looks like a lot of fun -- Charlie

  16. o, this is so much fun. a really biggggg part-tee! yea.


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