Thursday, August 21, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Viringer and Glimmer.

Yep mum was furry bizzy last weekend. First she took off on Caturday with Miss Lynn. This time they used mum's metal monster and weren't gone furrever. 

Mum went off to buy more plants for the yard, specifically she wanted daylillies to put in the front. Then as they grow, they hide the tulips and such as they die off. 
 Here are the two bags of stuff. She got stuff with names like South Seas, Pastel Picture, Stars Shall Fall, Royal Jester, Cherry Eyed Pumpkin and a freebie called Ruffled Memory. Mum found pictures out on the webs of the flowers, but they are copy righted, so she won't use them here.
They were all nicely labeled so you knew the name, how tall it grows and the colors too. Mum said they had over 800 different plants to choose from. They had them sorted out by color and mum was looking for peachy, melony, yellow or not really orinch orinch ones.
Instructions, well, first soak them for a few hours before plunking them in the dirt. So mum waited to plant them on Sunday.
Mum called on me to hold open the one bucket. See a new and useful thing to do with those mancats litter buckets!
Plus I needed to hold down mum's preliminary plan of where she was going to put stuff. But as she planted it wasn't working like she expected. So she moved them around.
One little guy in the ground and a few more below.

It is sort of fuzzy, but do you see the earth worm? Mum says that is a good sign that the dirt is good. Otherwise we would have no worms.
Once she had the plants all done, she got destructive and got these posts out of the ground. They were getting wobbly and all rotted at the bottom.
So good bye fake sea gull! One less fevver around, which should make The Trout Towne Tabbies happy.
Mum putted the last lily here. This one was the freebee that she got. It rained good on Monday night, so besides mum watering them, they got a good overnight soaking.
 Here are two lilies that we already have in the back. Mum does not amember what there names are. She would have to go look it up since she saves her plant information.
 Plus here is mum's drawing where things got planted, this is what she was going to work on when Derby got out and he got beer splashed on him. Mum rubbed it off, he didn't get tipsy!
Wow, lots happened this past week. Hope you enjoyed and we hope to enjoy some flowers next summer.

Love, Virginger and Glimmer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Pod

Hey everyone! Thanks for all your comments on us and our napping pod. We do like it. It is by the big windows that go to the floor, we get nice sunpuddles there except in the winter.

You said for mum to go buy another one. She can't! She didn't even buy this one. She won it at one of her racy party events years ago. Go back here and see how much other stuff she won. She made a haul on it that weekend. Even afor she got it in the house I had claimed it!

So here I am,  resting on it right after she got it and moved it to where it stays. Sometimes she takes it apart and washes it, but we fur it right back up.

Ocassionally we do share, but not furry often. We are not the nap together buddies like some cats are.
But mum does have photo proof that sometimes we do share. Or I was doing my best to squish the little runt.

But otherwise our little green beds, yeah mum has two of them We use either one as we like.
Even better, mum has a mooovie when we tried to share the same bed.



Monday, August 18, 2014

ManCat Monday

The purpose of the liberal arts education is to learn that a person can like both cats and dogs. Anonymous

Happy Monday Gang, Derby here! I had fun this weekend. I GOT OUTSIDE!
I didn't get far, but I did get out. Mum was going out to draw where she planted stuff yesterday. I zipped right past her!
 Do you see where my fur is wet? Not water, mum spilled her beer on me when she first tried to grab me. When she realized I was more interested nomming the deaded leaves, she had time to set down her paper and beer. Then she picked me up and sat with me for a few minutes outside until I got too restless for her.
 Here you can see the beer splashes and her notepad!  She just laid them down until after she put me back inside.

Since she worked so hard digging and such, she made herself a furry nice dinner. Grilled beast and eggyplant, corn on the cob. 
Yes, we did get some, though I thinks Ducky got more than I did!
We will let Virginger report on Thursday all of mum's outside stuff. She did lots this weekend.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Happy Weekend All.

We are just hanging out. Mum has been going to bed early and sleeping as much as she can. She needed to recover from a long day on Tuesday coming back from the mayo place with Miss Lynn.

She took a few pictures as they were way up in the air on the highest floor in the building. 

 Mum thinks this building is neat, complete with gargoyles!
So we are purring on her and glad she is getting rest. Dr Derby and Dr Ducky purrscribe more naps and sleeps!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Viringer and Glimmer.

Well after a long time of not much happening the trail is finally getting more of its makeover done.

After the first bits done nearly two months ago, not much, they made it wider, took some trees down. But nothing since.

Now late last week but put string, ooo string, and pink marks down on the rock. 

Then just yesterday they came by with a big machine while mum was off day hunting. It made lots of noise and was all stinky too. But now there is hard black stuff to walk or ride on.

Mum did some tree pruning out near the trail. The branches would smack her in the face while she tried to mow the grass. Plus she took some more stuff off that the sqwerls were using to do daring jumps from tree to tree and into the bird feeder. Mum does not want to feed the sqwerls.

That is all, love Virginger and Glimmer.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mini ManCat Monday

If you go long enough without a bath, even the fleas will leave you alone. - Ernie Pyle

We all bathe, including mum, often enuf to keep the fleas away! Sheesh.

Well the battle of the pod continues. We don't like to share our nap spots and it is warm enuf not to need to share with each other.

 Ducky all sacked out for a nice nap on Sunday afternoon.
 Derby sacked out and napping on the kitch-hen table. Yep, we are allowed up there, mum just cleans it good before she eats.
 Nice sunbeams coming through the windows. But was he happy? NO!
 Then he comes to mooch my spot, not happening dude, go find your own spot to nap and leave the pod to me.
 He did, taking over the chair with the old rug folded up on it. Sort of watching over me as it were.
 Nap time is over, I know a better spot I would like to be.
Mum's lap!

Happy week to all.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


It is about time mum let us post today. She has been bizzy with her own stuff. Pfft, what is more important than us! Mum did lots outside, pruning the trees in back, hauling the stuff off, then resting outside reading her book. It was a nice day, gentle breezes and she says no squitos to bother her.

We did lots of napping today and we both wanted to nap on the pod in the nice sun beams.

Sorry, not giving up the spot! Go find your own spot to nap, squirt!

Mum is getting ready to watch The Pack in preseason. She doesn't expect much tonight. 

Happy weekend.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger and Glimmer.

Woohoo, we have blossoms on the gourd plants! 
 Each one of those white things could turn into a gourd if it works out. Mum says she will be happy if she gets just a few.
 Here is the whole tangle of plants, mum thinks there are 3 or 4 actual plants.
So if things work out like mum hopes, we may have some gourds!
This is a plant that mum put in at the end of May, it is as tall as the kitch-hen windows! It is supposed to help attract butterflies, but we haven't seen many this summer.

That is all, love Virginger and Glimmer.