Thursday, March 5, 2015

Post Number 2000!

Holy Moly, 2000 posts as of this one. Goodness. I doubt that Derby when he started on this way back when figured it would still be going. Heck, the blog is still here, even if he isn't.

Post 1 - November 3, 2005  Derby introducing himself to the blogging world. 
 Post 1000 - March 19, 2010  I was here by that time, even if Derby wasn't happy about sharing the

blog with me. Mum did occasionally catch us in a snuggle mode.
 Post 2000 - This one!! Now just Ducky. Yeah, little ol' me. 
Post 3000 ? Sometime in the future. Looks like it takes us about 5 years to do posts, give or take a few months. Who knows what will be going on in five years time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday This and That

Hiya, thanks for all the good words about the VET visit. I was a bit down on Sunday, but since I am right back at it. Playing, eating, snuggling and all.

Caturday mum and Miss Lynn went off to eat and they had fishy. So mum had some left and she shared!

 A few pieces on Caturday when she got home and more tonight as she ate the rest of it.
 Good stuff, Trout Towne you should be proud of mum for giving me fishies!
If you haven't been over to Miss Millie's blog lately, you need to go and join up with the When-When Contest. We all try to guess when the snow will disappear for good for the year and boy does she have lots of snow to get rid of. We have pawticipate every year and never guess the correct day. But so what, its fun! So go and guess!

Monday, March 2, 2015

ManCat Monday

A cats idea of heaven would be mice from wall to wall. A mouse's view of heaven would be no cats there at all. - Andrea Stempel

Mum's idea of heaven is no mousies at all!  None to sneak in the house and become a plaything for us cats!
It is Dr. Seuss day, he wrote some fun books. Mum says like Green Eggs and Ham. I like ham, but not green ham.

Speaking of doctors, I got hauled off to the VET doc for my annual checkup. I am all good to go as I got a very good once over by Dr M. He looked with special things in my eyes and ears. Checked my teeths and even stuck his nose in my mouth to check my breath! Thank goodness I didn't smell bad! So my Caturday in pictures. 

 In the box at home waiting for mum to get the car a bit warm. She did put the one bed inside for extra warmth.
 Waiting again in the waiting area at the office. This is a bunch of hurry and wait.
 Good fighting weight for me. Mum checked back to last year's picture, I was 9.22. Mum says when I sit on her I weight a ton!
 OK, more waiting, up on the table, guess I will check out what is here.
 Nope, just floor and mum standing there.
 This side? Well, cupboards and all of the doc's stuff.
 Let's go and check it out closer, maybe I can find a hidey hole to get into.
 No such luck, then Dr M came in the room and picked me up to admire me and check me out.
 Yeah, the shot pic, good for another year, mum even has a certificate that I am all good on my shots.
 I willingly went back into the PTU, yeah, take me home please mum. She did as soon as they checked my poop and she paid the bill.
 Back in the metal monster, giving mum the evil eye. I know she means well, but I would really not want to go to the stabby place.
 Back home and mum sat me down as she unlocked the house door. It was cold out, but the sun was nice.
 Inside and out of the PTU. I went and chilled for a while, but I didn't ignore mum. I went and sat on her while she tried to nap in the afternoon.
We are in a new month, maybe by the end we can see green grass, flowers and such.

Happy week.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Not such a good one today. I am still out of sorts from yesterday since I got hauled off to the VET for a checkup. I am fine. Just not happy, so looking a bit grumpified here and out of focus!

Blog hop with The Cat on my Head gang as usual.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Caturday - Squillion Day

HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday and it is a special day. Squillion Day. So Virginger and all of her gang get to celllybrate.

So I am going to turn this over to Virginger to let her tell her story!
Thanks Ducky, you are a good mancat. Yep, Mum found me and I moved in with her and Derby. Plus we spread the word and lots and lots of my litter mates found homes with others out in the blogoshere. Mum fostered lots of the gang and I know they went to good places. 

 I can sit on the top part of the tower too, see I am higher than Ducky here.
 Getting checked out by Ducky, he is such a sweet little mancat, more my size.

So Happy Squillion Day to myself and all the rest of my litter mates. We rock!

Two months gone, but yeah, Derby was the first and founder. We miss the big guy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whisker Wednesday

Well you get to see half my whiskers.

In other news, mum is sounding worse! She tossed and turned all last night in the sleepy spot and got up this AM, made a call and went back to bed! Said she couldn't hold her head up and didn't trust herself to drive she was so tired.

So she stayed home, we napped lots including nearly three hours in the afternoon in the fevver watching chair. Mum keeps drinking lots of stuff, orange, tea, water, whatever. She is hoping she feels better enuf to day hunt tomorrow. We will see!

So purrs to you mum, get better. I don't like to cuddle at night with mum if she won't hold still. I am afraid she will squish me!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday This and That

Yeah, me helping mum read her big fat book. She finished it last night. Now she plans to read smaller and skinnier books that don't take two weeks to get through.

Mum's sniffles seem to be getting better slowly, but then she heads off to day hunt during the day and comes home all tired. The good thing is she goes to bed early so then I have more time to cuddle with her.

Monday, February 23, 2015

ManCat Monday

A cat can't enter Heaven or Hell unless it has used all of its nine lives. - American Folklore

Mum and me had a good weekend. Although mum has a case of the sniffies but she is doing fine and sleeps purrty well. Otherwise she rests lots and drinks lots and lots of tea.

We had sunny Sunday and I took advantage of the sun puddles to nap in.  The warms are not here, but at least the sun is warm.

 Have a good week all. Be warm.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Selfie

This is an older picture, me digging out from the blankie mum was working on at the time. Being under the covers is a grate place to be these days. Warm!

Our usual blog hop sponsored by The Cat on My Head.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday.

Well the really cold stuff is gone for a few days, but still not warm enuf to have open windows. So lets think warm and wonderful thoughts.
 Beautyful sunrises.
 Purrty flowers and being outside in the garden.
Open windows
Grilled beast
So lets all think of the stuff we like for the warms to come and maybe they will come sooner!

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Purrthday Uncle Mo

Happy Purrthday to one grate dude. A cat magnet and NTM, Not The Mama to his crew of cats. 

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mardi Gras

I am ready to party for the day before Lent. I've got my beads and mask!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mini ManCat Monday

I would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God, convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time. - Neil Gaiman

HiYa, Ducky here. Well, maybe I can ask a thousand cats to wish mum a Happy Purrthday today? Yeah, do you think you could do that? Thanks.

I even have a moovie so you can see what she looks like! I was even help groom her hair so she looks good. 
 This was the moovies mum took on her new fancy phone thingy. The moovie program let her flip the video so you don't have to stand on your heard to view us!

Mum says this day is a hurdle day in her life, she has past the age when the official people could start giving her, her green papers back for working. But she says she will wait a bit, then the pile of green papers will be bigger.

Seems strange, no feetsball now for months and months to come. Mum says that is OK, it will soon be nice and won't have time to watch sports on the moving picture box.

Plus on Caturday it was a nice sunny day and we can tell the days are way longer and the sun has come far enuf north that we see it on the big windows that go to the floor.
 Dats nice but I will just curl up with mum while she reads her big fat book. That means she doesn't move for a long time so I get to be with her.
Lights on, mum pulled the stuff across the big windows to keep the warms in. I was sitting on one of the heaty spots. Derby used to like this one the best so I rarely got to use it. Now I can use any heaty spot in the house I want!