Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Survived the eclipse! You could tell the sun shine had a different glow about it and inside was much dimmer too. Like on a very cloudy day with no lights on inside. My best pic that I took!

Weather is beginning to be nicer. Sun and more seasonal temps. Got the grill moved out to where I can use it. Just need to get something to grill on it! See what I can pick up when I got shopping in a few days. 

So less time for reading but I still usually get some reading in every day. Less checking out 10 books at a time, more like 5 or 6. 

A Certain Darkness, next installment in the Verity Kent series. Verity and Sidney to to France, Holland and Belgium to find some missing documents. Documents that might shed light on incidents during World War I. Others are after the same, are they working for or against? Is there a double cross?

The Villa two BFF's, both writers take a holiday to a villa in Italy. A villa where a murder occurred in the 1970's with some rock musicians and their female companions. The ladies from this write a best seller and the other a fantastic album. Can the two BFF's figure out what all went on?

Koala could have been titled Everything You Wanted to Know about Koalas! Informative, very readable, but could have used diagrams, pictures and photos to illustrate what the author was referring to!

Windfall is the author's story of researching her great-grandmother, who as a young single woman, had a tract of land in far northwest North Dakota. The family still owns the mineral rights, could this be a windfall financially for them? Author relates not only her great-grandmother's story but her own in researching the past.

Oath and Honor, Liz Cheney's book in regards to the January 6 committee. Much of the early part of the book was about the actual incident, the later on the committee investigating. Interesting read. 

Happy Reading


  1. dood…total lee kewl fotoz mum cap sured…itz spring heer one day
    and winterz de next. mum mite wanna test de grill, ta get it goin, with
    a nice slice oh perch ‼️‼️🐟💙😺

  2. A new Verity Kent book is due out soon; it's a terrific series.

  3. That is a really cool picture. Your book piles always remind me of the stacks that dad comes home from the library with. Dad says he loves that last book collection funny.

  4. I love the thought of an emotional support pile of books. Everyone should have one.

    Sydney, Australia


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