Monday, April 8, 2024

Mini-ManCat Monday

Any conditioned cat-hater can be won over by any cat who chooses to make the effort. - Paul Corey 

I don't think Uncle Stormy could be converted. He is just anti-feline! This is mum's bro. The times he has come to visit, I could never get a pet from  him, at all. Oh well, his loss. 

We had a hawk attack this past week. Mum was actually around to get some pics. One less dove! We watched as the hawk took off the fevvers, then fly away with the good stuff. 


I'm just hanging out with mum while she watches sports and stuff and works on the crow-shay or reads her books. She even did a tiny bit of outside work, just picking up the sticks that fell from the tree the past few weeks. 

Purring so all those who want to see the eclipse today. My Aunty Kellie is one of those who traveled to see. Me and mum hope she gets to see it. Maybe we can get to see the partial here. Hoping the clouds go away. 

See you all next week.



  1. Now Ducky - you've got to be completely honest here. I'm not convinced that you truly made a big effort to get Uncle Stormy to like you. 'Cos if you had, he would definitely have been won over. No one could resist you!

    I'm not saying that you should make the effort. That's entirely up to you. As you say - his loss. But we all know that it wouldn't take long for you to turn him into a feline fancier extraordinaire.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. If you can't convince Uncle Stormy, no kitty could.

  3. People who don't like cats seem to think there's some particular virtue to not liking cats, and I do not understand why.

    Everything has to eat, including the hawks, although it's a bit sad.

    We didn't see the eclipse here, too much clouds and rain.

  4. Sad for the dove but everyone must eat. #1 is less pleased with Momo who managed to catch a bird inside the cat run...

    The Chans

  5. We had a Cooper's Hawk around here a couple years go, but TBT kept yelling at so it went away. Ayla looked kinna like a rabbit, so he was worried. And then Lori arrived n she was even smaller. But haven't seen one since then, so we feel safe.

    Also, because we haven't seen a pile of dove fevvers around fer 2 years.


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