Monday, March 25, 2024

Mini-ManCat Monday

 Since each of us is blessed with only one life, why not live it with a cat?- Robert Stearns

Yeah, go find a cat or two to live with. I knows me and mum have a good time together. 

We had a visitor last week. We had a snowy day and as mum sat by the fevver watching windows, we saw something we didn't expect. A black and white cat that we haven't seen in the nayborhood before.


Mum got a few pics, but the only of the full face was through the screen. Mum did put out some crunchies but they haven't been eaten. So maybe this kit has a home and was just out roaming in the snow. Be safe little one!

You know you need a pic of me. Here just soaking up the morning sun one day before the snow storm that came in on Friday. No issues, mum got the driveway cleared and out Caturday with no issues. 

 Inspecting the latest blankie while mum works on it with the bracket ball tourney going on. Our fav team losted so is out but mum watches some anyway. She even is checking out the ladies playing!

Doing good here, have a happy week.


  1. That visitor looks well fed so hopefully he had just come to say hello and has a home to go to.

  2. happee week a head two ewe both and yur naybor kitteh two! it bee
    nice o him ta stop bye and say hi….well, sorta 😺😺‼️‼️ N hopin thatz
    de last oh de snowz til decemburr πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ™€‼️

  3. You look wonderful in the sunshine. I do hope the visitor is just a housecat out for a walkabout.

  4. We also hope the strange cat was just out wandering and had a warm home to return to.

    And it looks like you were enjoying yours on that snowy day... MOL!

  5. I wouldn't have thought that any kitty would want to go for a casual wander in the snow!

    Sydney, Australia


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