Friday, May 2, 2008

Funky Fang Shui Friday

Make your way through life, ignoring the distractions. Keep focused on your goal.
This is me making my way through the tunnel of tents when mum first got them for me. I love playing in them, around them, hiding in them. I think my goal here was to get mum and the flashy box!

Mum got this new thing the other day to help get all of my furs off. I think I like the zoom groom the bestest, but this is good too. Mum has been getting lots of furs off of me everyday.
Tomorrow is Derby Day, so if you get the chance, stop in. I will have a buffet of goodies. We can watch the horsies and just hang. Mum will be busy doing other stuff and she says the puter won't get turned on!

Next weekend I will be party of the new CCSI!!! I won't have a staring role but I will be happy to participate!




    My tunnel never stays together!

    Hello Mr. Derby!


    Sigh. I'm sorry Derby. She's nipped but good.

    We liked your knock knock joke!

    We'll try to stop by on Derby Day, but my OTW is supposed to go over to someone else's and play with the stinky water that makes things change colours. If we don't make it, Happy Derby Day!


  2. Derby, the Furminator makes a huge difference on the way your coat will feel. Mommy says it's the greatest thing since sliced bread! Derby day is a great day - it was named after you, right??? :)

  3. Hey Derby! Who's yur favorite for the race tomorro? I's finkin of askin Snap who she likes. ::spin:: Happy Gotcha day!

    I LOVE my zoom groom (what's a brushing whore?), but Mom hasn't tried a furminator on me yet cuz she said it takes too many green papers. But it takes fur, not papers! Beans. Is. Weird.

  4. It's your day Derby! We'll have to watch the Derby and think of you!!

  5. Great tunnel!

    And it's your "name day" too. Enjoy!

  6. Wow Derby - you have your own day!? That is so cool!

    We'll have to wish you a happy Derby Day now, since our Mommy won't be home at all tomorrow. Maybe we'll teleport over while she's gone!

  7. We love our Furminator! Especially Shaggy. It really gets to that deep down layer he has, and mom as noticed it's cut back on the hairballs and shedding!
    Of course we'll be over for Derby Day!! Wouldn't miss it for the world!

  8. I LOVE my furminator! You would not believe the fur my Mum gets off me with that thing - I should probably do a post about it.

  9. Oh, we love our furminator! Happy Gotcha Day, just in case we don't see yoo tomorrow. Mom and dad is talking about going to dat cabin again...we like it der!

  10. I completely agree Derby, Zoom Groom is #1 but the Furminator can be nice too. Just don't rub your whiskers on it....I know from experience this can end in a loss of whisker which is mildly unbecoming.


  11. Derby Day again already? Time flies! Those are cool cubes. I wonder how a furminator thingy would work on a cat as floofy as me?

    Have a lovely weekend Derby.

  12. DKM tries to FURminate me, I only let her do it when I'm enjoying my Chicken Wellness.

  13. We have never heard of furminator. Tahnk you for bringing it too our attention. If it works we want to check it out. Have a good weekend Derby an Derby Mom.


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