Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holiday of Hugs

Gosh, Sammy, Miles and Billy hit it on the head, the hugs thing is great! Plus Sanjee has declared that going forward the fourth weekend in May will be the Holiday of Hugs weekend. If Sanjee says so, it will be so!
This year we did it to remember Bonnie and her sudden departure to The Rainbow Bridge. We will use it to remember those who have gone before and those we love who are here. The beans use this same weekend to remember those who have served our country.

I have been working my way around the Blogosphere and it is amazing the love we have out there for each other. We don't show it enough, so this was a good thing to do.

In my world I have been busy snoopervising mum. She got what she needed from the flower store and started making things pretty in the baskets and such around the house.
Here is her big box of impatients waiting to be put where mum wants them.
New dirt in the baskets and in PFE too!
Doesn't PFE look great with his new flowers inside of him. All happy to make thing pretty
Mum moved the planted baskets to the back patio where Virginger was waiting for them.
Here is Virginger climbing up in the flowering crabby apple tree. She is happy and the tree look pretty too.
Mum helping Virginger check out the birdie nest boxes. Virginger reports that there are nesting twigs and such in side both of these, but no baby birdies or any nesting birdies at this time.
Here Virginger is checking the basket after mum hung it up. Grow little flowers and look pretty.
I am snoopervising all of this from inside the house. Mum is doing an OK job, not making too much of a mess.
What do you mean that I am sleeping on the job! Mum you were doing such a good job, I didn't think I had to watch your every move. They say power naps are good for you when you are on the job!
So everyone continue to have a good and safe weekend. Mum is working to get all of her chores done today. The she will rest tomorrow and watch cars race. She says there are THREE major things to watch. The Formula One race from Monaco, Indy and Crashcar at night. I think I will nap.


  1. Fabulous sunspot!

  2. Derby, in memory of Bonnie, we send you and all of yours {{{{{HUGS}}}}} from all of us.

  3. (((hugs))) Derby! What a great idea that was!
    It is hard not to nap when in a good sunny spot like yours! Holiday weekends are a good time to get a few extra one in too.

  4. ((((HUGS)))) to you, Derby. Way to snoopervise. We have to keep our humans in line.

  5. Special {{{HUGS}}} to you too Derby and your Momma. We had a PFE too but he didn't survive the brutal winter here. He was all cracked and chipped. We are sad.

  6. (((((HUGS))))))) to you, in honour of Bonnie. You have a beautiful sunny garden

  7. Very good snoopervising! Sometimes the light touch is best.

  8. Derby, no wonder your human didn't recognize Kew Gardens at first--she has her own botanical garden right there for you! Hugs back.

  9. ((((((((((Hugs!!!!!!!))))))))


  10. All those bootiful flowers! Derbs, you just reminded me... Mom sawed a real live squillion on a porch in Green Bay! It was ginger an smilin, so I fink it gots a good home.

    Bonnie always watched fur Mom to come in frum gardenin cuz she often brings in a leaf of catnip. I gotta learn to make Mom do that fur me!

    ((((((HUGS)))))) & purrs

  11. your human is clearly adept at the art of gardening! Beautiful flowers. My human has planted some impatience also! Although I will be interested to see how they turn out! x

  12. Enjoy the sun Derby. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the extra day with your mom.

  13. Mom is really beating herself up she didn't bring PFE in. Guess we just aren't use to having brutal winters anymore. In the meantime we can admire yours!

  14. PFE, is so cute and the flowers make him perfect.

    {{{ Hugs }}} Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  15. Great plants and such a wonderful idea to have a hug holiday.

    sending hugs!

  16. An annual hugs weekend is a wonderful idea! I hope you are having a happy Memorial Day weekend. {{{hugs}}} to you!

  17. Yes,this is an excellent holiday!

    we love this very thoughtful idea.




  18. Dennis says Hi Derby, you sure look comfy in your sunny spot.


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