Monday, December 15, 2008

ManCat Monday

Cats are cool. They have style, personality, sophistication and just the right amount of confidence. - Michael Bolton
That quote is so true about my furiend Miles Meezer. He is not feeling well and will be going to the VET on Thursday for lots of tests. Please go by and give him some healing purrs. If you can, make a donation to assist with his VET bills. His beandad doesn't have a jobbie right now.
Hope everycat and bean had a good weekend. Mine and mum's started early as she took off work on Friday. It was a beauteous sunny day so lots of sunny spots for me to nap in. Mum said she liked all of the sun too, she said it beat staying inside and working!

Mum and her furiend Miss Jane went off shopping and here is one of the things she brought home. Mum says she can put it on a table, then there will be less area to dust. Isn't the fabric cool?
This is the top part, cats and fish, below is a close up of the fabric on the top.
Below is the back side, mum wonders if the fabric symbols actually say something or not. Sort of looks like Adan! Maybe he will know what it says!
Mum got some other stuff, but part of it is similar to something we sent to my Secret Paw, so I don't want to show it just yet.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - Lost - mum and Grampie are disappointed in them, specially the defense.

The Colts - Won

Brett the Jet - Won

Saturday and Sunday were cloudy but warm. Our snow piles got smaller and it even rained some. Mum and Grampie were outside looking at the roof and all and said the rain could come as it had a place to drain to when it went off the roof. But at least we don't have ice like they have in New England.


  1. We are going by to visit Miles. So sorry to hear that he is sick.

    We thinks the fabric is very cool both front and back. ~S,S & C

  2. We will go visit Miles. Hope he is OK.

    love the mat!!!

  3. That's a great mat - I wonder what it says!

  4. That is absolutely the most perfect quote for Miles ever!!!

  5. We are purring for Miles.
    That is a lovely mat, we like all the kitties on it.

  6. What a beeyooteeful kitty mat yur Mum found! Dat's a real nice one. We can't wait to see if Michico can tell us what da symbols say. Keep snuggly warm frew dis snow time. Today wuz fifty squillion degrees here in Mew England. It wuz nice. We jus wait a minute an den it will change again.

  7. I really like that mat, Derby. I know it's not a Lauren Whatsit, but it reminds me a bit of her style. I visited MIles! I want both he and Billy to get well for good!

  8. Dear Derby,

    I think that is very beautiful, I check the Chinese words on it. It should be the artist's pseudonym. And the red one is the artist's signet.
    Because Chinese's artiest who does the traditional Chinese painting always like gived themselves a long pseudonym, means they are very classic~!!!
    And it does a very beautiful works~!!!!

    And we certainly will continue pray for Miles~! Poor boy!

  9. We hope you get well soon too, Miles!

    Spice Cats

  10. Hi, Derby! That quote fits Miles perfectly. I hope everything goes well with his tests on Thursday.

    That mat your mom got is very cool!

    P.S. Mom wanted to get a larger house (crate), but it looked so *huge she feared it wouldn't fit in the car. At least we won't be stuck in a tiny carrying case for hours.

  11. Wow, you got your mom for a whole extra day. That is great. We like the table runner your mom got.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  12. thank you Derby - your purrss and purrayers are greatly appreciated.

  13. That is a neat table thingy Derby! We like the fabric on both sides! Your mom always finds the coolest things to bring home!

  14. Sigh, There are so many sick kitties in the blogosphere. We are sending purrs to all of them.

    Be well out there kitties.


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