Monday, December 29, 2008

ManCat Monday

If there is one spot of sun spilling onto the floor, a cat will find it and soak it up. - Joan Asper McIntosh

Saturday it got all warm, melty and rainy. That made our snow piles shrink, mum is happy about that. All of the rain stayed outside the house where it belonged.
But Sunday did bring us sun, a picture looking out the back.
I also was sitting in the window for a while while mum cleared the little bit of snow we got overnight. Get rid of the ice at the end of the drive.
Me getting the sun laying on the couch on Sunday getting ready to watch feetsball with mum. Last day of the regular season.
Feetsball Report

The Pack - won, and thankfully did not lose to the 0 and 16 Lions. It would have been horribly embarrassing if the Pack had lost.

The Colts - won and are off to the play offs.

Brett the Jet - Lost and maybe, just maybe his last game. Stay tuned to the off season soap opera ' As the Farve Turns'.

Mums says it is another holliday week and she will be home more like she was this past week. Oh good, that means extra snuggle time, probably another can of stinky goodness to cellybrate. That is nice, we can say goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009.

Plus I need to say 'until we meet again' to Icon Baxter Bently.


  1. I am glad that you got some warmer weather at last, Derby. I bet that sunshine really felt good on your fur. I feel sorry for the Lions. They made a record that no team wants. I am really sorry about Icon.

  2. Glad you are getting a little respite from the cold weather!

    Sun is nice when you can get it!

    So sorry to hear about your friend.

    Purrs, Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  3. There is no snow in holland but a very heavy frost..Its fun for a short period,but I don't like the cold....Stay warm and stay happy..

  4. I am so sad about IBB...
    And I have to admit Derby, we were cheering for the Lions here and I thought about you...

  5. Oh wow, those are some great sunbeams you got there, Derby! Glad the snow is melting a bit.

  6. The snow looks very pretty.

    Glad you had a nice Christmas. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  7. It's nice to lie in a warm sunbeam and watch the Beans working.
    We were sad that Icon went to the Bridge.

  8. Hey, Derby...most of our snow is gone now too...enjoy the sun while ya got it!

  9. I am glad you found your sun spot. Derbs, my human is hoping to be in Racine in late April (if anyone gets back to her in her family). Will your person be around perhaps for a lunch or something to meet?

  10. I'm glad you had some sunbeams to get warm in! Brr, your pictures look cold. The snow is pretty, but you can keep it there.

    Sigh. Our Bengals won the last three games of the year bringing their total to 4 1/2 wins. Thank Bast we weren't 0-16, but for a while we thought we would be.

    We feel terrible for the Lions. We almost know their pain.

  11. So good da sun came owt to dry fings up. Hee hee - we will stay tuned to as The Favre Turns.

  12. It was great seeing the sunshines this weekend, wasn't it? I worked on my furtan all weekend.

  13. glad you is getting warmer weather too!

  14. That's great news about the snow melting some and the sunshine coming out for you!

  15. Derby, we are glad your snows are melting because we don't want your Mum out there shoveling and raking the roof as much as she has had to, that is such hard work for her! And we can relate to being happy for the rain staying outside of the house, when it rains really hard here sometimes our basement gets a bit wet, which really sucks, especially since it makes Momma so upset! We are glad you got to lay in some sunnies, that is one of our favorite things to do! But snuggling with your Mum is the best! Enjoy it furriend!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  16. Knock Knock
    Who's There?
    Owen Who?
    Owen Sixteen!

    Hahahahaha I read that joke at Fark when the Lions lost. But hey, at least they set a record this season!

  17. Hey Derby, I put pictures up at my blog from the Secret Paws package you sent! Thank you and your Mom so much!! It is a great package!! I love sunshine, too and we will miss Icon!!
    Your FL furiend,

  18. We are glad it has been a bit warmer for you. It looks like you have a pretty nice sun spot to nap in.

    We were sorry to hear about Icon too.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  19. Yeah for melting ice and snows. We really love your quote today. It is very true, we will find it!

  20. We had a melty day last week too, but then it froze again and mom says the neighborhood streets are trecherous. The main roads get sanded & salted but they don't even drop even a sprinkling of sand on our corners anymore. Budget cuts. Drive at your own peril.
    A spot of sun sounds delicious!

  21. Brrr, that snow looks cold! It has been chilly here but no snow yet, just rain. We were very sad to hear about Icon.

    Hope you and your family have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  22. Hi Derby! I'm glad you are getting some extra snuggle time during the holidays. That is always good, especially when it is cold outside. I watched feetsball with the Food Dude on Sunday too. After it was over, and all the yelling was done, he mumbled something about "next year".

    Happy New Year!


  23. Your Mom is so nice to stay home over the howidays with you. Not wike mine Mummy who has to go away duwing the howidays!



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