Saturday, February 18, 2012


HiYa Ducky here. Well, I am going into hiding after this morning. Mum bundled me off to see the VET in the PTU. Bah. I am back home and healthy, but still....

Derby saying farewell to me, just before mum put me in the metal monster.
Waiting to go into the exam room, we only had a few minute wait. First appointment of the AM.
Miss Liz checking my weight.
Good spot to sit while we had a few before Dr M came in.
My weight. A nice 8 pounds 9 ounces. Good for a little guy like me.
Listening to my insides.
Mum got a pic of what they would shoot me up with!
Moment of truth, but I didn't jump or meow!

Ready to head for home. Mum thought she heard me hiss softly as we waited. Yeah, I don't care for this.

Once home, mum let me out of the PTU and I ranned to the dungeon for a few minutes. Derby followed and chased me, but that only lasted a few minutes. Now we are ignoring each other again. Mum gave me some extra cuddles too.

I hopes the rest of you have a good weekend. Mine will be improving since I am back home.


  1. That stuff they shot you with looks like it will ward off a lot of ebil viruses, Ducky. Good for you for your good behavior, and also that hiss at the end.

  2. You were very good at the vet's office. Brulee gives them a hard time.

    Truffle and Brulee

  3. You are way calmer at the vet's than I am, Ducky! I tremble and just want to go back in my carrier and go home. BTW, you are a small mancat! Both Binga and Boodie weigh more than you.

  4. We biggified the pictures. Wow, that is ONE LONG NAME for that shot you got! An TBT smiled too seeing the balance scale and the vet's analog wristwatch. Our vet is all digital!

    Glad ya got home OK an out of that PTU (but we like the top door it has).

  5. Whew, what an ordeal! We hopes the rest of your weekend is restful and easy. xoxo

  6. You were very good Ducky. We wouldn't have sat on the scales like that. We imagined you to be a lot bigger than you are.

  7. Ducky, we are so proud of you being such a brave mancat!!! Looks like the vishus viruses will be warded off for another year. YAY!

  8. You are very good at the vet, Ducky. I hiss at the vet as soon as I get back in my carrier where I feel safe enough to do it. It looks like you are safe from all the nasty stuff for another year.


  9. Whew !!! Thank COD !!! Finally the end for you, Ducky !
    I know how you feel, I've been there, done that...Now it's the time to enjoy " Home Sweet Home " : )

  10. Ducky, we're so glad that's over now!! And we know you are too!! Hey, we've got that same PTU!!

  11. Ugh, that's a crummy place to spend a Caturday. Anyway, we're glad you're home and OK.

  12. That is so not a good way to spend Caturday! Not fair!

  13. ACK! Ducky, you deserve a medal for being so stoic.


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