Monday, February 27, 2012

MiniManCat Monday

The reason domestic pets are so lovable and so helpful to us is because they enjoy, quietly and placidly, the present moment. - Arthur Schopenhauer

Well after our snow-prise the other day, it is melting quickly. It was so nice on Sunday that mum even opened the windows for a while. Even with our nice winter this is the first time mum has opened the windows for us.
Derby got to the open window first, me waiting.
I can't wait, I jumped over him to sit near the open window, but he didn't like that. Mum went to open the other side.
So I will go over thee and sit.
Much better, we each have our own open window.
We switched sides after a while.
Here is a snow report, lot of sunshine and some warms, so it it melting pretty fast.
Can you pick out the little bits of tulip leaves starting to come up?
Farther down the front of the house, the daffodil leaves are starting to push out of the ground too.
Gull and flower boxes showing a lot less snow.
Evergreen trees are almost clear of snow too.
Mum took a picture of the maple tree, you can see the buds starting to swell up. That means spring is coming. Hurry up spring!

Don't forgets that tomorrow is Squillion Day. Virginger will make an appearance.


  1. Great windows fur birdie tv. We haf nefur gotten window whiffies with snow on the ground. Does it smell good?

  2. How lovely that you both have a window each to peek out and have some wiffies. The snow is very pretty to look at but we like the beginnings of spring better. All those little bits of fresh green coming through are so exciting :)xx

  3. That is great that you each had your own window - that is as it should be!

  4. Aww, nuts--mama was at work all day so we missed having the window open. Glad you two got some fresh air in!

  5. Our snow prize is almost gone. We are also glad of that!

  6. Isn't Squillion posting day supposed to be tomorrow? We haven't seen anything about it on the CB and we're not sure what we're supposed to do.

  7. HURRAH! That the snow is melting! And what a nice thing to each have your own window to whiff from.

  8. Window whiffin looks like lots of fun.
    We are glad Spring is starting to arrive.

  9. We are so jealous of your opened windows! Our mom is a wuss and won't open ours. She says it's too cold. See...she's a wuss.

  10. that's the thing about this time of year. It never lasts too long!

  11. those are some really nice windows to watch bird tv on.

    Truffle and Brulee


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